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Sentai Filmworks Reveals Finalized ‘Rocket Girls’ SDBD Anime Packaging

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Sentai Filmworks is bringing out their license rescue of the Rocket Girls anime series as an SDBD release next year and now we have the finalized artwork and packaging for it. The twelve episode series is getting released on January 15th, 2019 where it’ll be priced at $39.95. It’s in Japanese with English subtitles and the extras include the clean opening and closing sequences. Check out the look of it below!

Plot Concept: When Yukari Morita decided to look for her missing father who disappeared in the South Seas, she had no idea how far her journey would take her. Just traveling to the Solomon Islands is a long way for a high school girl to go on her own, but then Yukari runs into an astronaut from the Solomon Space Association, which has been trying to build a rocket powerful enough launch a man into space. Upon meeting the petite Yukari, however, SSA director Nasuda realizes that she’s small enough to go up in a less powerful rocket the SSA has already built! So he offers her a deal: if Yukari agrees to become their astronaut, the SSA will help find her missing father! Will Yukari have the right stuff to blast off in the wildest space quest ever? Find out in ROCKET GIRLS!

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