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32nd ‘Kiratto Pri☆Chan’ Anime Episode Previewed

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The new Kiratto Pri☆Chan anime series got underway back on April 8th, 2018 and now TV Tokyo is doing some new promotion for the show. The thirty-second episode is coming up on November 11th, 2018 and TV Tokyo has a new 30-second promotional spot for it. Sadly, there’s no overseas streaming setup for the show, making this the only legal way to get a taste of the property.

The series has Hiroshi Ikehata directing based on the scripts by Kazuho Hyodo. Hajime Mitsuda is handling the character designs with Tatsunoko Production and Dongwoo A&E handling the animation production.

The Japanese cast includes Koko Hayashi as Mirai Momoyama, Miyu Kubota as play Emo Moegi, Nanami Atsugi as Rin Aoba, Yū Serizawa as Anna Akagi, and Yūki Wakai as Sara Midorikawa.

Plot Concept: The story will have video uploading and streaming sites as a central focus, and will once again have themes of singing, dancing, fashion, and friendship as part of the series’ themes. The series will center on two first-year middle school girls named Mirai Momoyama and Emo Moegi, two aspiring idols who decide to use the “Pri☆Chan System,” a system used by famous people and companies to broadcast content. Like many girls starting their own channels and uploading content, the pair decides to become their own producers, starting their own channel in an attempt to become Pri☆Chan idols.

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