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The Weekly TV Discussion Post For October 21st, 2018

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The busy viewing season is almost fully engaged now that the CW shows are coming on more and that means my days are even busier than before. With most of the shows on the CW, I’m on a bi-weekly viewing schedule as I watch them with my kids and our schedules are even more crazy now. But it means we get mini-movie nights almost with two episodes at a time that works well. I was really glad to get Riverdale back as that show is just hilarious crazy in a modern-camp kind of way that utterly delights me. It provides enough old school stuff for the older set but plenty of wackiness for the younger set and it blends together incredibly well.

The latest season of Arrow got underway and I’m hopeful that it can build well but I’m feeling like they still aren’t sure what to do with this show. The opening two episodes of The Flash delighted me in a way that the show hasn’t in a long time as the addition of Nora, fully out and about, really worked well. A lot of it is the actress really makes it seem effortless in the charm she presents with the right kind of youthfulness while tying into the parental side just as well. It made me not mind the lack of a Wells for the first couple of episodes, though that will be corrected next episode.

Black Lightning continues to be intriguing as well as it delves more into the world and characters with the first two of the season. The show is only very lightly connected to the rest, if even that, but serving in standalone for now is more than fine because it’s doing some great work in exploring what this family and those around them are going through in a way that none of the Arrowverse shows are able to do.

I can’t wait for Legends of Tomorrow to come back. I really wanted Constantine and am getting that but I’m excited more for Beebo cameos in our future.

A lot of the week beyond that is made up of the usual sitcoms and HGTV shows. I continue to enjoy the nostalgia of The Goldbergs and even though it’s critically panned I’m still a big fan of Modern Family. I was also glad to see Young Sheldon dip into some good material this week while also being frustrated by Big Bang Theory as they really have seemed to have forgotten how to write for Penny these days.

The Walking Dead is still delivering well for me with this season in what the characters have to deal with even if some of it is forced. The appeal is in the rebuild phase for me still and I’m hopeful that once some additional reveals are formalized that it’ll really lean into it.

I did dip into the Netflix side of things a bit and started watching Gypsy since it’s a safe series by being complete/canceled. I like seeing the wrong and unrealistic side of therapy presented because it can just go batshit weird. I also picked up the first season of I’m Sorry from Andrea Savage that aired on TruTVand has a second season coming. These are the kinds of non-network comedies that I like these days.

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