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‘Emma A Victorian Romance’ Anime Blu-ray Kickstarter Achieves Funding

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A big round of congratulations went out earlier this week for the folks at Nozomi Entertainment as they’ve reached their goal for crowdfunding the Emma: A Victorian Romance series with a Blu-ray and new English language dub. The project just under two weeks left to go and there are more stretch goals ahead. A lot of projects don’t get backers until they reach their baseline goal so we’re hoping to see more folks stepping up soon to help move this through the stretch goals. If they hit another $67,000, they’ll be able to produce a dub for the second season as well, which we all want!

To help encourage it a bit, production has gotten underway for the first season and that has a new video out from ADR director Joe DiGiorgi talking about the commencement of the production and more.

Tara Tisch’s video talks about the voice and dialect aspects of the dub with who they’ve brought in for it and what they’re helping and consulting on to provide the right experience.

That’s followed up by a piece from Rhiannon Ross herself as she talks a bit about her participation in the project.

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