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Funimation Schedules ‘Citrus’ Anime DVD/BD Release

© Saburouta / Ichijinsha

With the Citrus anime coming out this past January there wasn’t much expectation to see the show until sometime toward the end of winter 2019 at the earliest, figuring a year minimum after a series ends before a show could get released after the Japanese home video releases. Funimation is getting it in a bit earlier than most releases end up as they’ve announced at NYCC that it’ll be coming out on January 22nd, 2019 as a DVD/BD/Digital release. Details will be coming out regarding it soon.

The series was directed by Takeo Takahashi based on the series composition by Naoki Hayashi. Izuro Ijuuin handled the character designs while studio Passione worked on the animation production.

The Japanese cast includes Ayane Taketatsu as Yuzu Aihara, Minami Tsuda as Mei Aihara, Yukiyo Fujii as Harumi Taniguchi, Yurika Kubo as Himeko Momokino, Shiori Izawa as Matsuri Mizusawa, Hisako Kanemoto as Sara Tachibana, Rei Matsuzaki as Nina Tachibana, Tomoaki Maeno as Shou Aihara, and Kana Ueda as Ume Aihara.

The English language dub was directed by Kristen McGuire with Katelyn Barr working on the scripts. The English cast includes Megan Shipman as Yuzu, Amber Lee Connors as Mei, Margaret McDonald as Harumi, Natalie Hoover as Maruta, Bryn Apprill as Himeko, Terri Doty as Ume, Dave Trosko as Amamiya, Cynthia Cranz as Mineko, Michelle Rojas as Kana, and Brittany Lauda as Manami.

The series comes from Saburouta and began in Japan in the fall of 2012. Saburouta has a few titles under their belt including AKB0048 Heart-Gata Operation and Yuri Hime Wildrose, which ran for seven volumes before finishing last year.

Plot Concept: Yuzu, a high school gyaru who hasn’t experienced her first love yet, transfers to an all-girls school after her mother remarries. She’s beyond upset that she can’t land a boyfriend at her new school. Then, on her first day, she meets the beautiful black-haired student council president Mei in the worst way possible. What’s more, she later finds out that Mei is her new step-sister, and they’ll be living under the same roof! And so the love affair between two polar opposite high school girls who find themselves drawn to one another begins!

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