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The Weekly Movies Discussion Post For September 30th, 2018

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We had a bit of a skip week last week since I took a little time off and went to the coast for the weekend to soak up some sun and ocean and that, combined with other schedules, kept me light on my movie watching. I think the only thing I really watched in full, though somewhat in the background, was the utterly infectious original Mama Mia! movie.

I did get to thrill to the Captain Marvel trailer and I was left feeling tired by the Dark Phoenix one and that was before the date on it got moved again.

What I did get in the past couple of weeks are some fun pickups, most of which were on sale. The big one is for one of the few franchises that I’ll actually buy physical media for as the Solo steelbook arrived. There are definitely issues with the flow of the story early on with how they tried to put in more background establishing material after the directorial change, but the film as a whole is one that works well for me with its fun – and its Lando. I totally get why people jumped away from this but having been involved in “other” adventures of Han Solo since the books came out in the late 70’s from Brian Daley with things like At Stars End and Revenge, well, getting a new big screen adventure was right up my alley.

New digital purchases are where I spent most of my time. I did get to pick up Tag as I think I mentioned previously but I got to watch it last night with someone who hadn’t seen it and it was a delight. Adding in eight minutes of gag reel material and outtakes just made it all the more fun and enjoyable.

On the new pickup side, I dipped into the horror side of things a bit as both Hereditary and A Quiet Place dropped below the $10 mark on iTunes which is where I’ll start making decisions on new films that were out in the past year. I didn’t make it to the theater to see either as I’m not a big scare fan and especially not in an environment like that. I need the safety of my home. 😀

I’m still not back on my Moviepass side of things as the whole service is frustrating me and I’m not ready to put in on Sinemia yet, particularly since my schedule has me not exactly racing out to the theater often. I want to get back to it but the whole situation continues to leave me disgruntled.

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