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Funimation Plans ‘Senran Kagura Shinovi Master’ Anime Simuldub

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Announced last summer, the second season of Senran Kagura is set for an October 12th, 2018 premiere in Japan and Crunchyroll previously announced their simulcast pickup forit. Now, Funimation has added the show to its slate of titles that they’ll be working on as a simuldub for the fall season. At the moment, they don’t have their premiere date for it or any of the casting or staffing but it’s expected to come fairly soon.

This season is directed by Tetsuya Yanagisawa based on the series composition by Yukinori Kitajima. Junji Goto is handling the character design work for it with TNK producing the animation.

The Japanese cast includes Yumi Hara as Yumi, Hisako Kanemoto as Murakumo, Kaori Ishihara as Yozakura, Ayano Yamamoto as Shiki, Hiromi Igarashi as Minori, Hitomi Harada as Asuka, Asami Imai as Ikaruga, Yu Kobayashi as Katsuragi, Kaori Mizuhashi as Yagyuu, Yuka Iguchi as Hibari, Hiromi Hirata as Miyabi, Sayuri Yahagi as Murasaki, Chiwa Saito as Imu, Yōko Hikasa as Ryōbi, Mako as Ryōna, Eri Kitamura as Homura, Ai Kayano as Yomi, Ryoko Shiraishi as Hikage, Saori Goto as Mirai, Megumi Toyoguchi as Haruka, Yuki Matsuoka as Kagura, Yuko Kaida as Naraku, Minami Tsuda as Renka, Sora Tokui as Hanabi, Shiori Izawa as Kafuru, Kana Asumi as Fubuki, Riko Kohara as Gekkō, and Akane Fujita as Senkō.

The opening song is “Scarlet Master” by Sayaka Sasaki while the ending is “Junsei Erotic” by Mia REGINA.

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Check out the official site and Twitter.

Property Concept: Asuka and her friends may look like any other girls at Hanzo Academy, but they’re secretly studying the ancient art of Ninjutsu! While other students do their homework, Asuka and the gang push their beautiful bodies to the breaking point in pursuit of their perfect form. Life is one sexy sparring session after another until a Deviously Demented rival clan of evil ninjas ambushes the Hanzo hotties – and steals their sacred ninja scroll. Faced with their toughest – and most well-rounded – enemies ever, Asuka and her fellow Deadly Divas will have to go further than they’ve ever gone before to prove they’ve mastered the art of full frontal combat!

Whether you like blondes or brunettes; good or evil; big or EXTRA BIG; this series based on the action-packed video game proves once and for all that a ninja beat down is the most exhilarating beat down of all!


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