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239th ‘Yo-Kai Watch’ Anime Episode Previewed

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TV Tokyo is continuing its promotion for the long-running ongoing series Yo-Kai Watch. The 239th episode of the series is scheduled for a September 28th, 2018 debut and they’ve now brought out the first teaser preview of it. The series is directed by Shinji Ushiro based on the series composition by Yoichi Kato. Toshiya Yamada is handling the character designs and it’s animated by Oriental Light & Magic.

Please note that TV Tokyo takes these previews down when the episode airs.

The Japanese cast includes Etsuko Kozakura as Jibanyan, Haruka Tomatsu as Kēta Amano, Tomokazu Seki as Whisper, Aya Endo as Fumika “Fumi” Kodama, Chie Satou as Kanchi Imada, Naoki Bandou as Jinmenken, Ryoko Nagata as Kēta’s mom and Tooru Nara as Gorōta “Kuma” Kumashima.

Property Concept: When Keita frees Whisper, a ghost-like yōkai, from 190 years of imprisonment, Whisper pledges to protect Keita from supernatural dangers. Whisper also gives Keita a watch that allows Keita to see other yōkai. Together with the twin-tailed cat spirit Jibanyan, they encounter lots of yōkai-related problems and solve them.

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