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More ‘Doreiku The Animation’ DVD/BD Release Artwork Arrives

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The spring 2018 anime series Doreiku the Animation is getting its home video side lined up nicely as the familiar schedule has been set. We’re catching up on some artwork here as the covers aren’t making it to retailers quickly as we now have larger sized versions of the second and third and a split look at the fourth. The twelve episode series is getting a six-volume release that began on July 25th, 2018. The DVDs are priced at 6,264 yen each while the Blu-ray’s are priced at 7,345 yen. Check out the quick release schedule below!

The Japanese cast includes Hibiku Yamamura as Eia Arakawa, Ryouta Suzuki as Yuuga Oota, Sayaka Senbongi as Julia Katsushika, Suzuna Kinoshita as Ayaka Toshima, Hikaru Midorikawa as Seiya Shinjuku, Nozomi Nishida as Rushie Suginami, Yasuhiko Kawazu as Masakazu Meguro, Showtaro Morikubo as Shinnosuke Tachikawa, Yusuke Shirai as Takio Minato, Hikaru Yūki as Sachi Shibuya, Kazuyuki Okitsu as Tsubaki Setagaya, Sarara Yashima as Shiwori Adachi, Ayumu Murase as Taiju Nakano, Tetsu Inada as Zenichi Bunkyō, Kouki Miyata as Zushiōmaru Sumida, Saki Hayakawa as Maria Chiyoda, Kengo Kawanishi as Gekkō Itabashi, Sachi Kokuryu as Zero Shinagawa, Kenyuu Horiuchi as Muon Nerima, and Saeko Kamimura as Minami Kita.

The original series has ten volumes since kicking off in 2012 and ending in 2016 while the sequel series has two volumes out so far.

Plot Concept: What if you could enslave anyone you ever wanted? Well, this comes close. The SCM lets you enslave anyone who is also wearing an SCM, at a price. One must win over the other, at the cost of anything, in order for the other to become their slave.

Volume Date Extras
1 07/25/18 Booklet, Clean Opening, Clean Closing, Promo
2 08/08/18 Booklet
3 08/22/18 Booklet
4 09/05/18 Booklet
5 09/19/18
6 10/10/18
Doreiku Japanese Volume 4 Cover
Doreiku Japanese Volume 3 Cover
Doreiku Japanese Volume 2 Cover
Doreiku Japanese Volume 1 Cover

[Source: Doreiku]

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