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VAP Promotes Second ‘Real Girl’ Anime DVD/BD Releases

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© Mao Nanami / Kodansha

The spring 2018 anime series Real Girl is getting its home video releases handled by VAP in Japan. With the first volume out recently and the second volume coming up in just a couple of days, VAP has brought out a new spot to promote the second volume, something we don’t see often from most distributors. The twelve episode series is getting a four-volume run that began on June 27th, 2018 where the DVDs are priced at 8,000 yen and the Blu-ray’s at 9,000 yen. Check out the full schedule and details below.

Takashi Naoya directed it based on the series composition by Deko Akao. Satomi Kurita worked on the character designs and Hoods Entertainment handled the animation production.

The Japanese cast includes Yuu Serizawa as Iroha Igarashi, Teppei Uenishi as Hikari Tsutsui, Shouta Aoi as Yuuto Itou, Minami Tsuda as Arisa Ishino, Takuma Terashima as Mitsuya Takanashi, and Reina Ueda as Sumie Ayado.

The show has plenty of manga material to work with as it ran for twelve volumes before finishing up in the spring of 2016. A live-action feature is scheduled for 2018.

Sentai Filmworks has the North American home video release rights and HIDIVE streamed it as a simulcast.

Check out the official site and Twitter.

Plot Concept: Tsutsui Hikari is an otaku, and he mostly avoids social life. Hikari has only one friend at school, who is also a social misfit, and he is mocked brutally by most of his classmates for being creepy and weird. One day, he ends up having to clean the school pool with Igarashi Iroha, who appears to be pretty much everything he hates in real-life girls. She skips school, has a blunt manner, doesn’t have female friends, and seems the sort to be promiscuous. However, she is friendly to Hikari, and even stands up to the people who make fun of him. Hikari’s bitterness and trust issues lead him to say pretty harsh things to Iroha, but she never dismisses him as creepy. After a while, it starts to look like Iroha may become his first real-life, 3D girlfriend! Will he be able to handle it?

Volume Date Extras
1 06/27/18 Booklet, Drama CD, Audio Commentary
2 07/25/18 Booklet, Drama CD, Audio Commentary
3 08/29/18 Booklet, TBA CD, Audio Commentary
4 09/26/18 Booklet, TBA CD, Audio Commentary
Real Girl Japanese Volume 2 Cover
Real Girl Japanese Volume 1 Cover

[Source: Three D Kanojo Real Girl]

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