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Chi’s Sweet Adventure Episode #28 Anime Review

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“Chi Auditions”

What They Say:
Chi is a sweet playful kitten, always full of energy. She gets milk from Yohei, and is relaxing at home, nice and full. As she searches around the house for something exciting, she comes across Yohei walking with a handful of rubber balls. The balls bounce everywhere as he drops them, and Yohei and Chi can’t get more excited. The day ends with Chi and the family making a great memory together.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
After as much time outdoors as we had with Chi and Come-Come, moving the show back indoors and with the family for a bit is very welcome to have as I’ve missed them all. This time, Dad has found a “Beautiful Cat Contest” that he wants to enter Chi into but Mom is a bit wary of it because as cute as Chi is, beautiful isn’t exactly what you think of when you think of Chi. To enter the contest you have to send in a movie and that basically has Dad ready to make a mini movie commercial with Chi. Getting Chi l cleaned up for it does not go well at all, as one would expect, and Dad definitely paid the price. Dad’s attempts at training are fun because it just frustrates Chi as he tries to get her to act “beautiful” for the movie, which means it doesn’t go right at all. Enlisting Yohei to help proves frustrating in its own way because Chi’s always going to run counter to what people want of her, though Dad does get some hilarious footage.

In Summary:
The silliness of this episode works out nicely and playing into the confusion over the contest adds a nice layer to it. Dad’s view of Chi is definitely very parental and understandable so they lean into that for good effect. Chi gets to play off all of this very well while not having to be quite as “on” as she was in the last couple of episodes with it focused on Come-Come and all that. It’s a good change of pace and reminded me that the family side is definitely one of my favorite parts of the series.

Grade: B

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