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Jared Leto Boards ‘Morbius’ For Sony Pictures

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Sony is continuing to try and expand what they can do with the expansive Spider-Man rights that they have which covers a range of interesting characters. While they can’t tie them in directly with the character because of what they’re doing with Marvel Studios at the moment, there’s definitely room to create interesting projects. While we wait to be convinced by Venom since that’s a hard one to do without Spider-man, one that should work well is the newly announced Morbius. Originally created in the 70’s with a push back into horror, Jared Leto has signed on to play the title character with Daniel Espinosa is set to direct. Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama are on board for the screenplay. They came off the recent Lost in Space series for Netflix while Espinosa directed the Life film for Sony.

Property Concept: Morbius….the hunted, haunted fugitive. Morbius…the dead souled scientist. Morbius…the Living Vampire. Somewhere inside Doctor Michael Morbius is a good man who just needs a second chance.


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