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My Hero Academia Episode #44 Anime Review

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What They Say:
In the future, mankind is blessed with superhuman abilities called “Quirks” and in response to the growing crime rate, superheroing becomes a viable profession. Izuku “Deku” Midoriya dreams of one day becoming a great hero like his idol, All-Might, but he was born completely quirkless with no powers at all. However, when Deku ends up having a chance encounter with All-Might in the flesh, it changes his destiny forever.

The Review
Content (warning some portions of this review may contain spoilers):
Our mad dash through the forest continues and it’s looking like we’re finally reaching the endgame for this arc. Much like last week this is more of the show playing around with it’s large ensemble of characters than focusing on one thing specifically, but unlike last week there isn’t exactly some sort of specified mini-fight going on meaning that it actually is just watching the cast run around for 20 minutes. With said cast being as well put together as they are there certainly isn’t much to complain about in terms of keeping things interesting, but there’s just enough steam lost that I’m kind of about ready to be done with this arc.

The closest thing we get to a proper shonen fight this time around is a follow-up from last week’s cliffhanger involving Tokoyami’s Dark Shadow quirk. With Dark Shadow raging out of control and Deku being pressed for time, he’s stuck having to decide between trying to stop Dark Shadow, or going after Bakugo before the villains capture him. Deku of course chooses a third option and lures Dark Shadow towards Bakugo’s location, as it’s used to take down another one of the villains, while Bakugo and Todoroki use their quirks to bring it back under Tokoyami’s control. It’s pretty entertaining for the most part, but it’s not focused enough to really qualify as a fight, and it makes it kind of hard to feel invested as a result. I like Tokoyami a lot, but this bit felt less about him, and more about needing something to keep the characters in danger, which is a little disappointing since I’d be down for seeing the series do something with him and his quirk in a more meaningful way.

From there we move to Tsuyu and Ochako dealing with a villain named Toga, though this one is less of a fight and more of a character introduction. Toga’s a lot more off her rocker than some of the other villains from this arc so far, and feels a strange sense of kinship between herself and Ochako as girls in love since Ochako is still sorting through how she feels about Deku, while Toga is fanatically devoted to Stain and the sight of seeing people covered in blood. However, when Deku and the others arrive on the scene to help the girls, Toga begins to take an interest in him instead. Once again there’s not a whole ton going on here aside from Deku potentially gaining some unwanted attention, but the distorted camera work and hazy pink filter used during Toga’s mad rambling about her motives at least help to give a better impression of how twisted she is, and makes her feel like a character that’ll be a lot of fun later down the line when she has more to do.

Toga makes a quick exit after getting what she needs, but the kids only find themselves in an even more dire situation as both Bakugo and Tokoyami got captured in the chaos. With their objective completed the villains prepare to retreat, but Deku and the others decide to chase after them, setting the stage for one last big confrontation. With all the pieces in place, it’s looking like this arc will wrap up soon, and while I’ve certainly enjoyed my time with it, I’m much more eager to see what lies ahead.

In Summary:
The scramble in the forest heads towards its climax as Deku and the gang chase after Bakugo. While there’s enough interesting stuff going on to keep things from slowing down entirely, this is probably the least-focused episode we’ve gotten out of this arc so far, and the material feels a little more exhausting as a result. Forunently it seems we are pretty close to wrapping things up here, and with the stage being set for bigger things on the horizon, I’m excited to watch all of that unfold

Grade: B

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