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New Manga This Week

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April gets underway as most months do with Viz Media bringing out a slew of titles. That’s no different this month as we get a lot of ongoings such as 7th Garden and Platinum End as well as some omnibus works such as Naruto and Kuroko’s Basketball. They also have a new title launching today with Kenka Bancho Otome while Vertical steps in with some new release material kicking off with Moteki. Kodansha Comics drops a few things in as well with some Battle Angel arriving as well as more Kuragehime in omnibus form.

  1. 7th Garden Vol.8
  2. Absolute Duo Vol.3
  3. Yona of the Dawn Vol.11
  4. Assassination Classroom Vol.21
  5. My Hero Academia Vol.12
  6. Dreams of the Days
  7. Fire Force Vol.9
  8. Battle Angel Deluxe Edition Vol.3
  9. Haikyuu!! Vol.22
  10. Heart to Give: Memories Vol.3
  11. Kenka Banchou Otome Vol.1
  12. Kuragehime Omnibus Vol.8
  13. Kuroko’s Basketball 2-in-1 Edition Vol.11 (incl. Vol.21 & 22)
  14. Moteki Vol.1
  15. Naruto 3-in-1 Edition Vol.22 (incl. Vol.64, 65 & 66)
  16. Not Lives Vol.8
  17. Seraph of the End Vo.14
  18. Platinum End Vol.5
  19. Rurouni Kenshin 3-in-1 Edition Vol.6 (incl. Vol.16, 17 & 18)
  20. Attack on Titan: Before the Fall Vol.13
  21. Testament of Sister New Devil:  Storm! Vol.3
  22. Food Wars Vol.23
  23. Star Project Chiro Vol.8
  24. The Water Dragon’s Bride Vol.5
  25. Sweet Blood Vol.9
  26. Takane & Hana Vol.2
  27. The Promised Neverland Vol.3
  28. Dreamin’ Sun Vol.6
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