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Seven Seas Entertainment Acquires More ‘Boogiepop’ Light Novels

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With the first three novels out in digital form, Seven Seas Entertainment has announced the full print and slate run of the Boogiepop property, which includes two novels never before published in English with Boogiepop in the Mirror (Novel #4) and Boogiepop Overdrive (Novel #5). It’s all timed well with a new anime adaptation coming from Madhouse later this year.

“Boogiepop was the first Japanese series we licensed, and bringing it back has always been on my wishlist since it’s such an engaging series with iconic characters,” says Seven Seas editor-in-chief Adam Arnold. “The added bonus is we finally have the chance to bring two new novels out in English for the first time, as fans have been asking us for more Boogiepop for years. It took some time, but we’re making good on those requests!”

Seven Seas will publish the first six Boogiepop light novels in print in two omnibus collections. Omnibus 1 will be released on October 9, 2018 for $18.99 USA / $22.99 CAN.

Plot Concept: There’s an urban legend that children tell about a shinigami that can release people from the pain they are suffering. This “Angel of Death” has a name: Boogiepop. And the legends are true. Boogiepop is real. Told in a non-linear fashion that asks the reader to piece together the sequence of events to solve the mysteries alongside the characters, Kouhei Kadono’s first Boogiepop novel took First Place in Media Works’ Dengeki Game Novel Contest in 1997 and ignited the Japanese “light novel” trend. Today, there are millions of Boogiepop novels in print, a live-action feature film and manga adaptation based on the first book entitled Boogiepop Doesn’t Laugh, an original manga called Boogiepop Dual, and the unforgettable original anime series Boogiepop Phantom.

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