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Laid Back Camp Episode #10 Anime Review

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Laid Back Camp Episode 10

Mainly an episode that looks ahead, as the girls of the Outdoor Activities Club begin planning in earnest for their Christmas break camping excursion. Will they be able to make it a fun group outing?

What They Say:
Episode 10: Clumsy Travelers and Camp Meetings

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
There is unfinished business from last episode, as Rin is frantically hurrying to her intended campsite before it becomes much too late in the day. After some worries about a long detour (Aki actually helps her out to avoid it), she makes it to the site, which has a lovely view…but also fairly high winds that make setting up the tent a challenge.

Aoi becomes Queen of the Outclub thanks to the gift of meat

More important, the theme to this episode was…steamed pork buns. Steamed pork buns? Yes. Rin stops by a convenience store to buy one (and then prepares it in a neat way, putting it into something similar to a sandwich press, but one you can put over an open fire, heating it up until the outside is crispy and then eating it piece by piece with dumpling sauce); Aoi intends to buy one on the way back from work; Aki gets a bag of them as a return present from Nadeshiko’s mother for making the noodle dish last episode. If camping wasn’t the announced theme of this anime, one could hardly be faulted for thinking this show was about cooking.

And thus did Toba-sensei’s dreams of drunken stupor during her off-days come to an end…

The central action of the episode, if one wants to call it that, focuses on the planned Christmas break camping trip. Saitou joins Nadeshiko, Aki, and Aoi to discuss what they intend to do. Rin has also been convinced to come along, though she has library duty as usual after school. In a parallel development, we see the new teacher, Toba-sensei, being told that she needs to become a club advisor (this is common in Japanese high schools, as least from what we see in anime). We, the audience, happen to know that she is, at least in her own way, experienced in camping…at least in staying at a campground getting completely plastered. It comes as no surprised to any of us (it really shouldn’t) that Toba-sensei is drafted into becoming the advisor to the Outdoor Activities Club. The final part of this little subplot arc, of course, is Nadeshiko putting one and one together (yes, note the number, an apparent favorite of hers this episode) and figuring out that Toba-sensei was the drunken camper she and Rin encountered when they went camping by Lake Shibire.

With everything in place, including a choice of campsite suggested by Rin, all looks set for the Christmas outing. In the end, this episode was perhaps a lot more about the girls talking than the usual focus on the great outdoors (most of Rin’s camping scenes this time took place at night). Of course, there was food. And talking about food (for the trip). But that’s okay. The comedy quotient might not have been as high (there was some slapstick involving Rin and her equipment flying away), but there was still plenty of lighthearted banter.

In Summary:
Rin manages to reach her intended campsite, though it is a challenge. After some cajoling from Saitou, Rin is convinced to join the rest of the girls for their group camping trip during the Christmas break. The girls then start planning the trip. Along the way, they manage to get their very own club advisor, the new teacher at the school Toba-sensei, who also happens to be someone Rin and Nadeshiko have met before. This was largely a planning episode, looking ahead to next week’s outing.

Grade: A-

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