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Four ‘Familiar of Zero’ Memorial Anime Blu-ray Box Set Commercials Arrive

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Kadokawa announced back in September that they were planning on putting together a memorial complete collection Blu-ray box set for the Familiar of Zero series as part of the 15th-anniversary of the MF Bunko J novel label. As we’re now just about three weeks away from it, they’ve brought out four commercial spots to promote the release, which is definitely fun to see showing up on our feed. The show will run for fifty episodes as it has all four seasons in the box set. It’ll be priced at 46,000 yen with a March 28th, 2018 release date.

The set will come in a special box with a digipak, a memorial book, a booklet, and on-disc extras that include the audio commentaries, clean opening and closings, previews, commercials, and episode announcements.

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Plot Concept: Louise Francoise Le Blanc de La Valliere may have a long name, but her spell-casting skills just come up short and her classmates call her Louise the Zero. When she is tasked with a test of summoning a familiar, she summons Hiraga Saito, a normal teenager from Tokyo while everyone else summons great beasts. Will Louise figure out what she excels in? Will Saito and Louise make a great team? Find out in The Familiar of ZERO!

Familiar of Zero Memorial Box Set Packaging (click for larger)

[Source: Familiar of Zero]

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