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Chi’s Sweet Adventure Episode #09 Anime Review

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Chi’s Showdown

What They Say:
Chi is a sweet playful kitten, always full of energy. She gets milk from Yohei, and is relaxing at home, nice and full. As she searches around the house for something exciting, she comes across Yohei walking with a handful of rubber balls. The balls bounce everywhere as he drops them, and Yohei and Chi can’t get more excited. The day ends with Chi and the family making a great memory together.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
The last couple of episodes did a nice job in shaking things up a bit with the Maple Falls storyline. Taking Chi out of not just the house but the neighborhood at as well. It had some good time for Chi and Yohei together that helped to show their bond a bit more while also giving the parents just a touch of time together, which was very welcome to see. With this episode, we’re not back home just yet for everything but rather a nice diversion at the park. That means a lot of different characters and places to engage in some shenanigans, and lots of animals.

Chi has long enjoyed the park and all that it entails, especially since there are plenty of warm places to take a nap – even if it takes a bit to find one. It’s fun to watch her engage with these different areas and having to deal with kids and other animals that get in the way. But what provides the biggest challenge for her is another cat that’s roughly the same as Chi that Chi names as Little Cat but is just kind of very tough and rough. He’s got a bit of a superiority complex as well that doesn’t handle the innocence and goodness that is Chi. The other cat basically tries to be competitive about everything and Chi is just playful, which makes it complicated as they’re not on the same page but causing problems for each other – all while bonding along the way in cute wayss.

In Summary:
A small serie sof showdown challenges makes for some cute material on top of watching Chi struggle with finding a good place to unwind in the park. It’s a good sized park and lots of people there so the variety helps it a lot. The two cats are definitely fun to watch with this as it plays out as we get two very similar but different cats that are showing off in their own way. It’s simple but very effective with what it does and you end up just loving how expressive they both are in their own way.

Grade: B

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