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Our UK/Australia Locked Subtitles DVD/BD Release List Is Updated

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A bit of a crowdsourced effort on the forums, some updates have hit in regards to what shows in the UK and Australia upon release have locked subtitle tracks. This is something of a niche issue to be sure as most viewers don’t watch anime in Japanese without subtitles, but there are lots of reasons for wanting releases without locked subtitles for a segment of fans. You can find the master list of it here and the latest updates come from BlackCondor93 that has put together a good list for those wanting to know:

  1. Umaru-chan (Animatsu and Madman)
  2. Monster Musume (MVM and Hanabee, UK DVD also affected)
  3. School-Live (Animatsu and Madman)
  4. Attack on Titan Season 2 (Sony UK and Madman (although the AU release won’t be until April, I’ve listed it anyway as it’s more than likely they’ll use Funi’s discs, if not, then I’ll de-list it)
  5. Beyond the Boundary: I’ll Be Here (Manga, DVD also affected)
  6. Ajin: Demi-Human (Anime Limited and Madman, DVD also affected, listed twice as AU release was DVD only)
  7. In This Corner of the World (Manga/Animatsu, signs are hardsubbed, DVD also affected)
  8. Matoi the Sacred Slayer (MVM, DVD also affected)
  9. Zeta Gundam and Gundam ZZ (Anime Limited)
  10. Princess Arete (Anime Limited)
  11. Sword of the Stranger (Anime Limited, DVD also affected).
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