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Japanese ‘Techno Police 21C’ Amazon Japan Anime Blu-ray Exclusive Announced

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The 1982 film Techno Police 21C has been announced with an Amazon Japan exclusive release that includes a Bandai Hi-Metal R figure of the main mecha from it. The details indicate that it’s coming from a new telecine so it should look pretty great overall and avoids being an upscale. It’s listed at 14,000 yen and doesn’t list any on-disc extras yet. The set is scheduled for release on May 31st, 2018.

Directed by Masashi Matsumoto, the film comes from an original story by Toshimichi Suzuki. Yoshitaka Amano handled the character designs and Joe Hisaishi the music. Dragon Production and Studio Nue handled the animation production.

The Japanes cast includes Yoshito Yasuhara as Kyosuke Mibu, Junpei Takiguchi as Scratch, Kenji Utsumi as Goro Narumi, Kumiko Takizawa as Elena Fubuki, Masaru Ikeda as Kaoru Kōsaka, Naoko Kouda as Marionella Ayabe, Ryusuke Oobayashi as Blader, Saeko Shimazu as Scannie, Satoru Inagaki as Nozomu Takagi, Takeshi Aono as Crime, and Tamio Ohki as Terrorist Leader.

Plot Concept: In the year 2001 crime is unstoppable at Centinel City, the techno police update their arsenal with new cars and Technoids. When a robotized tank is hijacked it’s time for the techno police to come into action

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