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DC Gamer Sale Gets Underway

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DC Comics has put together a new sale today that’s got deals up to 80% off some very fun books with its Injustice 2 Gamers’ Sale. The focus is on all the books that have been compiled so far as part of this standalone work that ties into the games of the same name, so it doesn’t require any knowledge of the mainline DC Universe titles and continuity, though you’ll get a bit more out of it with the more characters you know. The deals for it are pretty great, such as the recently released first trade for the ongoing Injustice 2 down to just $6 from its $17 price. The two volumes of the recently completed Injustice: Ground Zero that took place between the games are striking similar deals, meaning you can get those three volumes for the price of one.

With the five “years” of stories that were done in the original Injustice: Gods Among Us series, those thirteen volumes are also on sale for $6 per volume for the most part, which is half off the existing digital trade prices if not a bit more. Add in singles, some off-shot projects, and a few other gamer-related titles in the mix and it’s a good day to dig into this franchise.

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