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Tubi TV Adds Both ‘Vandread’ Anime Seasons

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©2000 Takeshi Mori / Gonzo / Media Factory / GDH

Another title from the Funimation catalog has found its way to Tubi TV with the addition of both of the Vandread anime seasons. This show goes back quite a ways from when it was originally released by Geneon Entertainment and then taken over by Funimation. The show is available in its original Japanese language form with English subtitles while the dub remains on the Funimation site. Being a much older show that has passed through a few hands internationally, it’s streaming is limited to just the US and Canada.

Plot concept: An adventure that transcends space, time and sexuality, Vandread has been deemed a classic TV series from Gonzo Studios since its original release in 2000. Based on the premise that men and women are literally from different planets, Vandread tells the story of a dissentient crew aboard a spaceship, who despite their biological differences are forced to tolerate each other while fighting against an unknown enemy. As the identity of their enemy becomes apparent, so does the importance of their success and as the crew learns to live with each other, the more important aspects of human life is discovered and examined. Including both the original Vandread Series and Vandread: The Second Stage in both their original Japanese language with English subtitles and in English Dub.