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Tubi TV Add ‘Magikano!’ Anime Streaming

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©2005 Takeaki Momose / Kodansha / Magikano Project

Tubi TV is beefing up its catalog with a little more variety today as the streaming service has added the Magikano series from way back in 2006. The full series is available in its original Japanese language with English subtitle while the dub remains on Funimation’s site.

The series was directed by Seiji Kishi based n the series composition and scripts by Hideki Mitsu from the original manga by Takeaki Momose. Takashi Kobayashi served as the character designer and chief animation director with Tokyo Kids handling the animation production.

The Japanese cast Mitsuhiro Ichiki as Haruo Yoshikawa, Sakura Nogawa as Ayumi Mamiya, Halko Momoi as Marin Nijihara, Kanako Sakai as Chiaki Yoshikawa, Mai Nakahara as Maika Yoshikawa, Nana Inoue as Rika Anju, Natsuko Kuwatani as Michiru Mamiya, Noriko Namiki as Yuri Kurosu, Noriko Rikimaru as Tetsuko Hondo, and Tomoko Kaneda as Fuyuno Yoshikawa.

The English cast was directed by Chris Ayres and includes Clint Bickham as Haruo Yoshikawa, Jessica Boone as Ayumi Mamiya, Carli Mosier as Yuri Kurosu
Christine Auten as Tetsuko Hongo, Hannah Alcorn as Marin Nijihara, Hilary Haag as Fuyuno Yoshikawa, Kira Vincent-Davis as Maika Yoshikawa, Luci Christian as Chiaki Yoshikawa, Monica Rial as Michiru Mamiya, and Tiffany Grant as Rika Anju.

Plot Concept: Haruo Yoshikawa’s life goes from average to unbelievable when his sneaky sisters share their family’s dirty little secret—they’re all witches! Things only get crazier with the arrival of Ayumi—an enchanting young girl who’s bound and determined to arouse Haruo’s inner-magician.