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Viewster Adds ‘Earl and the Fairy’ Anime Streaming

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Discotek Media picked up the rights to Earl and the Fairy, known as Hakushaku to Yousei in its Japanese form, back in 2015 with a DVD release for it. They’re now getting it some expanded streaming viewing with Viewster having picked it up from them. The complete run of the show is available in its original Japanese language with English subtitles.

The series ran for twelve episodes originally and was produced at Artland with Kouichirou Soutome directing. It’s based on the manga by Asako Takaboshi and Mizue Tani, which ran for thirty-three volumes between 2004 and 2013.

Plot concept: In the nineteenth century, we find Lydia Carlton living in Scotland, making a living as a fairy doctor. She is one of those rare humans who can see and communicate with fairies. But no one believes her. However, Edgar is in need of someone with a vast knowledge of fairy lore, and Lydia is just that person. After rescuing her, he becomes her employer, but there are many secrets and emotions that seem to follow Edgar, who claims to be the Blue Knight’s Earl.