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Mahoutsukai no Yome Episode #17 Anime Review

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© Kore Yamazaki / Mag Garden
Watch what you say. Someone is always listening.

What They Say:
“Look before you leap”

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
The previous Christmas-filled episode may have seemed like a side-story with no bearing on any future events and only of worth for its material involving Alice and her life in the past and going forward as someone in Chise’s life. That’s mostly true, but they did make sure to sneak in a little tease of what was to come, something involving a normal girl and her little brother. As we saw at the end of that episode, Ashen Eye has some more sinister plans in mind, and we soon see how the worlds of this innocent human girl and Chise’s life filled with the supernatural intersect. All the anime tropes are in full effect here. First, Chise stumbles across this surprisingly relevant event as the girl, Stella, and her parents each pass by Chise and stop to explain the plot for her convenience and understanding. Once Chise does catch up with Stella and learns that her brother Ethan has gone missing, it turns out that Stella said something awful to Ethan as they parted, a very familiar theme to the usual pattern of a character wishing death upon a loved one in a moment of anger only for that loved one to die before an apology can be made, resulting in intense regret. This is a less extreme version but still follows the same trends in many ways.

As Chise and Elias follow the trail and eventually realize that it was in fact Ashen Eye’s doing, we learn that the latter trope is amusingly acknowledged and given a sort of canonical explanation: beings like Ashen Eye are always listening to the careless words of humans, and Stella claiming that she no longer wanted Ethan around inspired Ashen Eye to take him away and even erase the memories of everyone but Stella regarding the boy. In fact, he also notes that if Stella had wished for Ethan’s death as so many other anime characters have, she’d be in a much less favorable position. As even Stella forgets Ethan’s name at this point (although seemingly nothing else about him), it seems that their bond has truly been severed. Of course, it’s not going to end like that, and Ashen Eye seems to enjoy games in which he has the upper hand and he gets to watch humans struggle. And so, Chise and Stella must find their respective loved ones that are locked away by Ashen Eye, Elias and Ethan, respectively. Ashen Eye seems to be doing his best to prove that he is, in fact, a villain to be hated, which makes it especially strange that Elias acted as if they were on friendly terms. It also seems like Elias would be able to fix this situation himself, but it’s a good opportunity for Chise to have to work on her own. To be fair, she had already done a great deal of that in this episode; she got them to the answers they were looking for, not Elias.

But perhaps Ashen Eye always intended to lose this game, as Chise accomplishes her goal using the very item he gave to her. He’s definitely an enigma in many ways and goes about things in a very evil-seeming way, but there may be a deeper side to him that we’ll hopefully learn after he’s done laughing about everything like a maniac. It’s a nice conclusion that anyone could’ve seen coming once Chise decides to throw away her humanity in the moment of need, and it almost seems like maybe none of this was entirely necessary, either. But along with the new material from Ashen Eye, Stella’s position as Chise’s friend looks like it will have its own effects very soon.

In Summary:
Ashen Eye is back to make things chaotic for Chise and friends, including a couple of new humans introduced to the series. There’s a lot of mystery around his true motives, but Chise gets to show off as a worthy mage able to use the tools at her disposal, which makes for nice closure.

Grade: A-

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