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‘D.Gray-man Hallow’ Anime Gets Tubi TV Distribution

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With the second season of the series added recently on their service, Tubi has also dropped in with the fifth season of D.Gray-man with the D.Gray-man Hallow project that kicked off in the summer of 2016 – and still hasn’t seen a home video release in Japan. The full season is available on the service in its original Japanese language with English subtitles.

The new series was directed by Yoshiharu Ashino based on the scripts from Michiko Yokote, Tatsuto Higuchi, and Kenichi Yamashita. Yosouke Kabashima served as the chief animation director and character designer with it all being animated at TMS Entertainment.

The Japanese cast includes Ayumu Murase as Allen Walker, Takuya Satou as Yuu Kanda, Natsuki Hanae as Lavi, Ai Kakuma as Lenalee Lee, Yutaka Aoyama as Earl Millenium, Masakazu Nishida as Tyki Mikk, Yui Kondou as Road Kamelot, Soichiro Hoshi as Wisely, Ryouta Asari as Alma Karma, Noriaki Sugiyama as Aleister Crowley III, Ami Koshimizu as Miranda Lotto, Houchuu Ootsuka as Bookman, Go Inoue as Komui Lee, Tomokazu Sugita as Reever Wenhamm, Mitsuhiro Ichiki as Johnny Gill, Tooru Ookawa as Malcolm C. Rouvelier, Takuya Eguchi as Madarao, Soma Saito as Tokusa and Rie Suegara as Tewaku.

With the original series back in 2006 that ran for 103 episodes, only the first half of it was licensed and released in North America by FUNimation at the time and which they’re now working through dubbing and releasing.

The series is based on the manga from Katsura Hoshino that began in 2004. It originally kicked off in Shounen Jump and then moved to Jump SQ back in 2009. It’s currently up to 24 volumes total, which Viz Media has released in North America in full.

Plot concept: Toward the end of the 19th century, Allen Walker officially joins the organization of Exorcists that destroys the beings known as Akuma—mechanic weapons made by the Millennium Earl with the suffering souls of the dead. Allen has both a cursed eye and an anti-Akuma weapon as an arm, bearing the power of “Innocence,” a gift given to him as an apostle of God. Allen, along with his fellow Exorcists, must put a stop to the Millennium Earl’s ultimate plot that could lead to the destruction of the world and all who live on it.