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Discotek Schedules ‘Great Mazinger’ Complete Anime Series

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After bringing out the Mazinger Z series back in 2014 on DVD, Discotek Media has now put together the next release with Great Mazinger getting scheduled. The distributor has set a March 27th, 2018 release for it where it’ll be in its original Japanese language with English subtitles. This sequel series originally aired in 1974 for 56 episodes. It’ll be a DVD-only release with details and pricing to be announced when retail solicitations go out.

Plot Concept: After a long and difficult battle, Dr. Hell and his malicious forces have been defeated. While it seems as though peace has been achieved, a much stronger evil has arisen; the Mycenaean Empire. Lead by the Emperor of Darkness, they waste no time to dispatch their fearsome Battle Beasts, which easily defeat Mazinger Z. As Koji and Sayaka leave for the United States, it’s up to skilled pilot, Tetsuya Tsurugi, and his new and improved Great Mazinger to take a stand!

Great Mazinger is the ultimate giant robot, superior than it’s predecessor in every way. It freely soars the skies with its advanced wings, and strikes down evil with its Great Blade! Together with the Science Fortress Institute, Tetsuya pilots Great Mazinger to take down the evil Mycenaean Empire!
The battle between good and evil continues in the exciting sequel to Mazinger Z!

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