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ComiXology Sets New Digital Comics & Manga For November 22nd, 2017

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It’s a big new release day with lots of options for comics fans to dig into. AfterShock has a trio of new releases landing today while Archie Comics does the same while also debuting Betty & Veronica: Vixens this week. BOOM! Studios sticks to largely ongoings but they have a Giant Days holiday special landing. Dark Horse is similar but they have the first issue of a new Tomb Raider series out with Survivor’s Crusade. Dynamite Entertainment has a special for James Bond and Image Comics gets Void Trip underway alongside a slew of interesting ongoings.

DC Comics has a kind of standard week here with what they’re bringing out for ongoings but they also have The Demon: Hell is Earth launching as a miniseries and the release of Imaginary Friends. The big one, however, is the arrival of Doomsday Clock as the continued reworking of the shared universe moves forward in a big way.

Marvel Comics rolls out a lot of new trades this week but otherweise sticks to ongoings with a standard slate of titles that runs for Captain Marvel to Thanos with a helping of Royals and others in between.

On the Star Wars side, Marvel Comics has the latest installment of the main series debuting a new issue today.

On the manga front, Yen Press serves up three simulpub chapters today to dig into including more Kakegurui as the only offerings today.

Wednesday: Same Day as Print
Abstract Studio Motor Girl 10 Buy now!
Action Lab Miraculous: Tales of Lady Bug and Cat Noir: Cataclysm Buy now!
Action Lab Nutmeg 10 Buy now!
Action Lab Nutmeg 11 Buy now!
Action Lab Nutmeg 12 Buy now!
Action Lab Zombie Tramp 41 Buy now!
AfterShock Comics Animosity: Evolution 2 Buy now!
AfterShock Comics Eleanor & The Egret 5 Buy now!
AfterShock Comics Jimmy’s Bastards 5 Buy now!
American Mythology Productions Stargate Atlantis: Hearts & Minds 3 Buy now!
Archie Archie and Me Comics Digest 2 Buy now!
Archie Best of Archie Americana: Golden Age Buy now!
Archie Betty & Veronica Comics Digest 258 Buy now!
Archie Betty & Veronica: Vixens 1 Buy now!
Archie FRANKEN 9 0 Buy now!
Archie Riverdale 8 Buy now!
Archie Your Pal Archie 4 Buy now!
Aspen Comics Overtaken 4 Buy now!
Aspen Comics Santeria: The Goddess Kiss 5 Buy now!
BOOM! Studios Jim Henson’s The Power of the Dark Crystal Vol. 1 Buy now!
BOOM! Studios The Deep Buy now!
BOOM! Studios Big Trouble in Little China: Old Man Jack 3 Buy now!
BOOM! Studios Lumberjanes 44 Buy now!
BOOM! Studios Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 21 Buy now!
BOOM! Studios Rugrats 2 Buy now!
BOOM! Studios Steven Universe (2017-) 10 Buy now!
BOOM! Studios The Unsound 6 Buy now!
BOOM! Studios WWE 11 Buy now!
BOOM! Studios Snoopy Buy now!
BOOM! Studios Giant Days 2017 Holiday Special 1 Buy now!
Caliber Comics The Realm 15 Buy now!
Dark Horse Angel: Season 11 11
Dark Horse Bankshot 4 Buy now!
Dark Horse Dept. H 20 Buy now!
Dark Horse Sherlock Frankenstein & The Legion of Evil: From the World of Black Hammer 2 Buy now!
Dark Horse Tomb Raider: Survivor’s Crusade 1 Buy now!
DC Action Comics (2016-) 992 Buy now!
DC Astro City (2013-) 49 Buy now!
DC Batgirl (2016-) 17 Buy now!
DC Batman Beyond (2016-) 14 Buy now!
DC Blue Beetle (2016-) 15 Buy now!
DC Detective Comics (2016-) 969 Buy now!
DC Doom Patrol (2016-) 9 Buy now!
DC Doomsday Clock (2017-) 1 Buy now!
DC Harley Quinn (2016-) 32 Buy now!
DC Imaginary Fiends (2017-) 1 Buy now!
DC Justice League of America (2017-) 19 Buy now!
DC Looney Tunes (1994-) 240 Buy now!
DC Nightwing: The New Order (2017-) 4 Buy now!
DC Suicide Squad (2016-) 30 Buy now!
DC Teen Titans (2016-) 14 Buy now!
DC The Demon: Hell is Earth (2017-) 1 Buy now!
DC The Flash (2016-) 35 Buy now!
DC The Hellblazer (2016-) 16 Buy now!
DC The Kamandi Challenge (2017-) 11 Buy now!
DC The Ruff & Reddy Show (2017-) 2 Buy now!
DC Wonder Woman (2016-) 35 Buy now!
Dynamite Ten Frames Per Second: An Articulated Adventure Buy now!
Dynamite George R.R. Martin’s A Clash Of Kings 6 Buy now!
Dynamite Librarians 2 Buy now!
Dynamite Swordquest 5 Buy now!
Dynamite The Shadow (2017) 4 Buy now!
Dynamite Turok 4 Buy now!
Dynamite James Bond: Solstice 1 Buy now!
Fantagraphics Forlorn Funnies 1
Fantagraphics Happy Hour in America 1
IDW Clue 6 Buy now!
IDW DuckTales 3 Buy now!
IDW Optimus Prime 13 Buy now!
IDW Popeye Classics 64 Buy now!
IDW Saucer State 5 Buy now!
IDW Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe 16 Buy now!
IDW Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters II 4 Buy now!
IDW WEIRD Love 21 Buy now!
IDW Wormwood, Gentleman Corpse: Mr. Wormwood Goes to Washington 3 Buy now!
IDW Roots Buy now!
Image Eternal Empire Vol. 1 Buy now!
Image Winnebago Graveyard Buy now!
Image Angelic 3 Buy now!
Image Copperhead 16 Buy now!
Image Elephantmen 79 Buy now!
Image Gasolina 3 Buy now!
Image Genius: Cartel 4 Buy now!
Image Ghost Station Zero 4 Buy now!
Image Glitterbomb: The Fame Game 3 Buy now!
Image God Complex 2 Buy now!
Image Rat Queens (2017-) 6 Buy now!
Image Redneck 7 Buy now!
Image Savage Dragon 228 Buy now!
Image Snotgirl 8 Buy now!
Image The Hard Place 4 Buy now!
Image Underwinter: A Field Of Feathers 2 Buy now!
Image Void Trip 1 Buy now!
Image Warframe 2 Buy now!
Image Wayward 25 Buy now!
Image The Doomster’s Monolithic Pocket Alphabet Buy now!
Image Sunstone: Book Two Buy now!
Legendary Skull Island: The Birth of Kong 4 Buy now!
Lion Forge Comics Accell Vol. 1: Home Schooling Buy now!
Lion Forge Comics Incidentals 4 Buy now!
Lion Forge Comics POS: Piece of Sh*t Buy now!
Marvel All-New Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 1: Communication Breakdown Buy now!
Marvel Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe Again Buy now!
Marvel Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme Vol. 2: Time After Time Buy now!
Marvel Generations Buy now!
Marvel I Am Groot Buy now!
Marvel Infamous Iron Man Vol. 2: The Absolution Of Doom Buy now!
Marvel Nick Fury: Deep-Cover Capers Buy now!
Marvel Star Wars: Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith Vol. 1: Imperial Machine Buy now!
Marvel Ultimates 2 Vol. 2: Eternity War Buy now!
Marvel X-Men Blue Vol. 2: Toil and Trouble Buy now!
Marvel All-New Wolverine (2015-) 27 Buy now!
Marvel Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows (2016-) 13 Buy now!
Marvel Black Panther (2016-) 167 Buy now!
Marvel Cable (2017-) 151 Buy now!
Marvel Captain Marvel (2017-) 126 Buy now!
Marvel Generation X (2017-) 9 Buy now!
Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy: Telltale Games (2017) 5 Buy now!
Marvel Invincible Iron Man (2016-) 594 Buy now!
Marvel Luke Cage (2017-) 167 Buy now!
Marvel Monsters Unleashed (2017-) 8 Buy now!
Marvel Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (2015-) 25 Buy now!
Marvel Ms. Marvel – Marvel Legacy Primer Pages
Marvel Royals (2017-) 11 Buy now!
Marvel Spider-Man/Deadpool (2016-) 24 Buy now!
Marvel Star Wars (2015-) 39 Buy now!
Marvel Thanos (2016-) 13 Buy now!
Marvel X-Men: Gold (2017-) 16 Buy now!
Marvel Silver Sable and The Wild Pack (2017) 36 Buy now!
MAX Punisher: The Platoon (2017-2018) 3 Buy now!
Oni Press Invader Zim 25 Buy now!
Oni Press Made Men 3 Buy now!
Oni Press Rick and Morty: Pocket Like You Stole It 5 Buy now!
Titan Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor 3.11 Buy now!
Titan Dr Radar 1 Buy now!
Titan Normandy Gold 5 Buy now!
Titan The Beautiful Death 3 Buy now!
Titan Torchwood 2 Buy now!
Titan Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 4 Buy now!
Valiant X-O Manowar (2017) 9 Buy now!
Yen Press Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler – 47 Buy now!
Yen Press The Case Study of Vanitas 21 Buy now!
Yen Press The Witch’s House: The Diary of Ellen 6
Zenescope Grimm Tales of Terror 10 Buy now!
Zenescope Van Helsing vs. The Werewolf 5 Buy now!
Wednesday: comiXology Submit
22º Comics Collective El Narco, The Comic Book 1
Andrew Skutnik Dorothy’s Dead 1
Antispire Antispire 6
Ash Pure The Lion and The Unicorn 0.1.3
AurumDust Ash of Gods – Comics
Bella Fe Media Una Luce Prima Dell’Oscurità Vol. 1: Fuga Da Milano
Black Lion Bossman
BlackBox Comics Publishing I.T. – The Secret World of Modern Banking 2
Blaze Orange Studio The Outdoorsman 3
Bloozit Press The Nowhere Man 9
Bombshell Comics Misfit Wrestling Federation 6
Boston Cartoon Company, LLC Super New City: The Agency Vol. 1: Where in the World is Captain Omega?
Cherry Gunzenhauser The Legend of Dollaretta 10
Cosmic Times Chaser Platoon 1
Cosmic Times Deep Space Tragedy 3
Dark Planet Comics Silver Vol. 3
DeCheser Media Night Stars 4
Earth’s Temporary Solution Vengeance, Nevada 1
Erik Bitmanis Hard Wyred 1
Etched In Stone Productions Nezahual and Rhayne 2
Fantasy Soft Entertainment Prince Adventures 1
Fireclaw LLP Call Me Kate 2
Fireclaw LLP Orlando 1
Floating World Comics Slasher 5
Forest Rose Productions LLC A Journey With Strange Bedfellows
Fouchier Original Wild 1
gideon kendall WHATZIT 1
Ginger Jam Comics Freedom Scorned: Complete 1-4
Half Life Comics Heat Vision 1
Hall Z Comics Above The Grave Vol. 1: ‘O’ Day
Hashtag Comics Cloud Riders 10
Hashtag Comics Cloud Riders 11
Hashtag Comics Cloud Riders 12
Heresy Studios, LLC Bless the Children
Honor Comics Sentinel Juggernauts 5
Hyperwerks Entertainment Deity 6
Insane Comics Hollow Girl 7
Insane Comics Jack The Hunted 4
Insane Comics Star’s End 1
jammy poulin Killer Instinct 1
Kill the Typewriter Chicago Typewriter
Lion Den Comics Martyr’s Children of Tomorrow 1
Maximum Circle The Relics of Ro 2
Mullet Turtle Comics Bear Wonderland
Night Phoenix Press Victor Locke Demon Hunter 1
Pizza Bandit! Panda Force 2
Project: Unknown Comics Project: Unknown
Reckless Hero The Last Sheriff 4
Red Fox Comics Gung Ho 1
Rossowinch The Divine Gathering 1
Siteda Comics Thoughts 1
Stranger Comics Niobe Vol. 1: She is Life
Strip For Me Strip For Me 52
Terrence Hancock True Man Of Honor Vol. 1: Provenance Thru 4
YouNeek Studios Malika – Dragon Trials 1.1
Wednesday: New and Noteworthy
Action Lab Miraculous Adventures Vol. 1
Aspen Comics Aspen Universe: Decimation 2
Dark Horse Overwatch (Brazilian Portuguese) 15
Dark Horse Overwatch (Castilian Spanish) 15
Dark Horse Overwatch (Français) 15
Dark Horse Overwatch (German) 15
Dark Horse Overwatch (Italian) 15
Dark Horse Overwatch (Japanese) 15
Dark Horse Overwatch (Korean) 15
Dark Horse Overwatch (Latin American Spanish) 15
Dark Horse Overwatch (Polish) 15
Dark Horse Overwatch (Russian) 15
Dark Horse Overwatch (Simplified Chinese) 15
Dark Horse Overwatch (Traditional Chinese) 15
DC Gotham City Garage (2017-) 12 Buy now!
IDW Angry Birds Comics: Flight School Buy now!
IDW Dungeons & Dragons: Frost Giant’s Fury Buy now!
IDW Hasbro: Aw Yeah! Buy now!
Joe Books Riftworld Legends 4 Buy now!
Lion Forge Comics The Little Red Wolf
Wednesday: Backlist
Archie Archie 301
Archie Archie 302
Archie Archie 303
Archie Archie 304
Archie Archie 305
Archie Archie 306
Cinebook Barracuda
Cinebook Billy & Buddy
Cinebook Blake & Mortimer
Cinebook Blake & Mortimer
Cinebook Ducoboo
Cinebook Spirou & Fantasio
Cinebook Thorgal
Cinebook XIII
Cinebook Blake & Mortimer Vol. 21: Plutarch’s Staff
Cinebook Wisher Vol. 3: Glee
Cinebook XIII Vol. 7: The Night of August Third
Heroic Publishing Champions 65
Heroic Publishing Sensational G-Girl 4
IDW G.I. Joe: The IDW Collection Vol. 1
Valiant 4001 A.D. Deluxe Edition
Valiant X-O Manowar Deluxe Edition Book 4
Valiant X-O Manowar Deluxe Edition Book 5
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