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New Manga This Week

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Imperfect Girl Volume 1 CoverThe latest round of manga releases are here and there’s a good bit to check out and enjoy. Vertical delivers what looks to be a very fun book with the first volume of Imperfect Girl arriving while Seven Seas heads up Youkai Rental Shop as its debut. They also have several other series on tap including Galko-chan and Red Riding Hood. Dark Horse delivers more Oh! My Goddess and Kodansha Comics gets Fairy Tail S out. Check out the full slate of what’s arriving with:

  1. Oh! My Goddess Omnibus Vol.6
  2. Aho Girl Vol.3
  3. Red Riding Hood and the Big Sad Wolf! Vol.2
  4. Alice & Zoroku Vol.2
  5. The Heroic Legend of Arslan Vol.7
  6. Bad∞End∞Night: Insane Party Vol.3
  7. Fairy Tail S Vol.1
  8. My Pathetic Vampire Life Vol.3
  9. Land of the Lustrous Vol.3
  10. Love and Lies Vol.2
  11. Kuma Miko Vol.6
  12. Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Vol.6
  13. Please tell me! Galko-chan Vol.4
  14. Imperfect Girl Vol.1
  15. To LOVE-Ru Vol.1 & 2
  16. Toppuu GP Vol.2
  17. Youkai Rental Shop Vol.1
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