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Aniplex Japan Schedules ‘Big Windup’ Complete Blu-ray Anime Set

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Big WindupAniplex Japan is handling the home video release of the Big Windup series and they’ve put together a Blu-ray box set for the series as part of its 10th anniversary event. Scheduled for a January 24th, 2018 release, it’ll be priced at 32,000 yen. The first season will be upscaled due to its source materials but the second season will be native HD. The release has the full 38-episode run with a booklet, soundtracks, and the DJCD release. On disc extras include the clean opening and closings.

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The show was released with the original Japanese language track and English subtitles. The 350-minute collection is priced at $49.99 and will have three discs of sports awesomeness for viewers to soak up. The set contains all 13 episodes of the second season of the TV series Big Windup! plus bonus episode 12.5.

The series is directed by Tsutomu Mizushima (Big Windup!, Girls und Panzer, Another), and features animation from A-1 Pictures (Big Windup!, ALDNOAH.ZERO, Black Butler). It aired in Japan in the spring of 2010. The thirteen episode season will be released in 2016 with Japanese audio, English subtitles, and English on-screen translations. Funimation released the first season previously.

Plot concept: Swing For The Fences!

Hot off the heels of their first win, the players of Nishiura High School are fired up for the rest of the summer tournament! Their next opponent, Sakitama High, has an incredibly strong batter. If Nishiura wants any chance of winning, Nishiura will need a quick shutout win! This should be doable for Mihashi and Abe since they continue to make a great battery, but at the same time, could Mihashi’s reliance on Abe’s signaling spell trouble in the games to come?

Hits and sprints, pains and sprains… Mihashi and team have quite a struggle ahead of them if they want to play on the legendary field of Koshien Stadium!

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