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‘Brave10’ Anime Arrives On Tubi TV

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Add another anime property onto the Tubi TV service as they’ve now added the Brave10 property to their ranks. The complete twelve episode series is now available in its original Japanese with English subtitles and can be found here.

The anime TV series was directed by Kiyoko Sayama (Vampire Knight, Skip Beat!) with series composition by Mamiko Ikeda (Maid Sama!, D.C. ~Da Capo~, Chrome Shelled Regios, Emma: A Victorian Romance) and animated by TMS Entertainment, Ltd. (D.Gray-man, Case Closed, KenIchi the Mightiest Disciple, Magic Knight Rayearth).

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Plot Concept: A young ninja named Saizo Kirigakure is trying to find meaning and direction in his life when he encounters Isanami, who is fleeing from assassins. He manages to save her life, and she then asks him to act as her bodyguard until she reaches her destination. When they arrive in the protected territory of Sanada, Saizo falls into a meeting with Sasuke Sarutobi, leader of the famed ninja group. Sanada has gathered these bold and talented ninjas together in order to bring an end to Japan’s era of war. Meanwhile, Isanami’s mysterious hidden power comes to light… The untold story of these brave ten will come to life in this action-packed battle anime, BRAVE10.