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Check Out Both ‘Bosco Daibouken’ Box Set Releases Artwork

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Bosco DaiboukenTC Entertainment is digging out one of their classics for the first-time release on Blu-ray with Bosco Daibouken. The twenty-six episode series is getting two Blu-ray box sets produced for it that are priced at 20,000 yen each. With both sets out now we have a look at the artwork that definitely gives us some great old school nostalgic feelings. The sets arrived on July 28th, 2017 and August 25th, 2017.

Originally airing in 1986, the series was directed by Taku Sugiyama based on the scripts by Nobuyuki Fujimoto and Soji Yoshikawa. With character designs by Shuichi Seki, it was animated at Nippon Animation.

The Japanese cast includes Asami Mukaidono as Dragon, Banjou Ginga as Hoodman and Chieko Honda as Araiguma.

Plot concept: The Fountain of Life is the source of all life forces in the Bosco World. Princess Apricot, who is supposed to become Queen of Fountainland-the Guardian of the Fountain of Life-is kidnapped by villains who aim to rule the Bosco World.

If Princess Apricot can’t take the queen’s throne by the next solar eclipse, the Fountain of Life will dry up. The animals living in the forest of Bosco, including Frog, Otter and Tortoise, decide to help Princess and take her to Fountainland in order to protect their peaceful life in the Bosco World. So begins the journey in a balloon full of dreams, hope, adventures, and love!

Bosco Daibouken Japanese Volume 1 Cover
Bosco Daibouken Japanese Volume 1 Cover
Bosco Daibouken Japanese Volume 2 Cover
Bosco Daibouken Japanese Volume 2 Cover

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