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Irresponsible Galaxy Tylor Episode #06 Anime Review

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Galaxy Tylor Episode 6“It Had to Be Today, Didn’t It?”

What They Say:
A long time in the future from an already distant future, the United Planets has waned in significance, and the Empire has also collapsed due to internal strife. People all across the universe now lead idyllic, peaceful lives. Banjo is one of them, a boy collecting debris on the outskirts of the planetary walls, when he ends up salvaging a broken-down spaceship and finds a frozen girl inside. He soon finds the hands of evil targeting her, and the entire galaxy being whipped into a furore. And no wonder, because she is Goza the 168th, a girl who holds the key to the entire universe’s fate. Overcoming many twists and turns, the two set out into space in a bid to resurrect the United Planets… but it doesn’t go too well. No need to worry, though. Let’s take this nice and easy. The curtain rises on a highly irresponsible galactic comedy.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With an episode done on the super cheap, if creative, the last time around, this episode gets back to something a little more traditional but also kind of weirdly out of place. It starts off with a kind of recapping of the past from the original series done through narration but it just looks pretty bad in a lot of ways when it comes to capturing the original Tylor’s look. The reveal that this is the narration by the supposed villain of this series as he’s looking at Azalyn as a way to bring about a new future for humanity under his guidance ties into how Tylor did things in the past, but… after the last five episodes it simply falls incredibly flat.

In Summary:
So much lost opportunity. I suspect most viewers have fallen off of this show in quick order and the previous episode weeding out even more. Which is why it’s weird that it’s this episode that they start laying out some story and plot ideas. But that’s not what a short-form Tylor show should be and what they’re doing here clearly isn’t working – for old fans and new viewers alike. It’s just sad.

Grade: D

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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