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ComiXology Sets New Digital Comics & Manga For August 16th, 2017

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Dark Nights Metal Issue 1 CoverNew Comic Book Day is always exciting and this one is no exception. Avatar kicks off Lookers: Ember as a new run while Dynamite has the issue zero of Sheena up. Image Comics offers up Genius: Cartel and Mage: The Hero Denied with first issues. Marvel’s all about the ongoings this week but they do have the Generations: Wolverine & All-New Wolverine book out. Zenescope has a new series out today as well with Grimm Fairy Tales: Tarot.

DC Comics has a big piece going into motion today with Dark Knights: Metal getting underway and it comes alongside The Sandman Special as well. We also get Future Quest Presents as a new ongoing!

On the Star Wars front, we get two books today with the main ongoing series with its 34th book and the latest Poe Dameron installment.

On the manga side, Seven Seas has the fifth volume of Akuma no Riddle: Riddle Story of Devil while Kodansha Comics has new Space Brothers that hits its 300th chapter.

Wednesday: Same Day as Print
Abstract Studio Motor Girl 8 Buy now!
Action Lab Vampblade Vol. 4 Buy now!
Action Lab Amerikarate 5 Buy now!
Archie Archie Comics Double Digest 281 Buy now!
Archie Archie Giant Comics Treat Buy now!
Archie Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 8 Buy now!
Archie World of Archie Comics Double Digest 71 Buy now!
Aspen Comics Lola XOXO 2 Buy now!
Avatar Lookers: Ember 1 Buy now!
BOOM! Studios Namesake Buy now!
BOOM! Studios Planet of the Apes Archive Vol. 1 Buy now!
BOOM! Studios Adventure Time Comics 14 Buy now!
BOOM! Studios Bill & Ted Save the Universe 3 Buy now!
BOOM! Studios Godshaper 5 Buy now!
BOOM! Studios Misfit City 4 Buy now!
BOOM! Studios War for the Planet of the Apes 2 Buy now!
Caliber Comics Vietnam Journal: Tet ’68 5 Buy now!
Caliber Comics Legendlore: The Realm Chronicles Vol. 3 Buy now!
Dark Horse American Gods: Shadows 6 Buy now!
Dark Horse Briggs Land: Lone Wolves 3 Buy now!
Dark Horse Dragon Age: Knight Errant 4 Buy now!
DC Aquaman (2016-) 27 Buy now!
DC Astro City (2013-) 46 Buy now!
DC Batman (2016-) 29 Buy now!
DC Batwoman (2017-) 6 Buy now!
DC Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye (2016-) 11 Buy now!
DC Dark Nights: Metal (2017-) 1 Buy now!
DC Future Quest Presents (2017-) 1 Buy now!
DC Green Arrow (2016-) 29 Buy now!
DC Green Lanterns (2016-) 29 Buy now!
DC Justice League (2016-) 27 Buy now!
DC Nightwing (2016-) 27 Buy now!
DC Super Sons (2017-) 7 Buy now!
DC Superman (2016-) 29 Buy now!
DC The American Way: Those Above and Those Below (2017-) 2 Buy now!
DC The Sandman Special (2017-) 1 Buy now!
DC Trinity (2016-) 12 Buy now!
DC Wonder Woman (2016-) 28 Buy now!
Dover Border Worlds Buy now!
Dynamite James Bond: Kill Chain 2 Buy now!
Dynamite Magnus 3 Buy now!
Dynamite Pierce Brown’s Red Rising: Son Of Ares 4 Buy now!
Dynamite Sheena: Queen Of The Jungle 0 Buy now!
Dynamite Vampirella (2017) 5 Buy now!
Dynamite Warlord Of Mars: Omnibus Vol. 1 Buy now!
Europe Comics African Trilogy Vol. 2: Turntable
Europe Comics Bear’s Tooth Vol. 3: Werner
Europe Comics Bob Morane Resurrection Vol. 1: Rare Earth
Europe Comics Dantes Vol. 3: The Face of Vengeance
Europe Comics El Mesías Vol. 5
Europe Comics Game of Masks Vol. 5: The Cockerels
Europe Comics Ian Vol. 2: Lesson of Darkness
Europe Comics Jerome K. Jerome Bloche Vol. 23: Post-mortem
Europe Comics Kid Lucky Vol. 1: Cowboy in training
Europe Comics Marzi Vol. 2: From Heaven to Earth
Europe Comics Sisco Vol. 3: Gin Fizz
Europe Comics The Black Moon Chronicles Vol. 6: The Crown of Shadows
Europe Comics Tyler Cross – Volume 1 #3: Black Rock
Europe Comics Tyler Cross – Volume 2 #1: Angola
Fantagraphics Cosplayers: Perfect Collection Buy now!
IDW Sh*t My President Says: The Illustrated Tweets of Donald J. Trump Buy now!
IDW 24: Legacy – Rules of Engagement 4 Buy now!
IDW Dungeons & Dragons: Frost Giant’s Fury 4 Buy now!
IDW Gumballs 3 Buy now!
IDW Haunted Horror 29 Buy now!
IDW Micronauts: Wrath of Karza 4 Buy now!
IDW Revolutionaries 7 Buy now!
IDW ROM 12 Buy now!
IDW Star Trek: TNG: Mirror Broken 3 Buy now!
IDW Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Dimension X 3 Buy now!
IDW Time & Vine 2 Buy now!
IDW Uncle Scrooge 29 Buy now!
Image 3 Floyds: Alpha King 4 Buy now!
Image Bitch Planet: Triple Feature 3 Buy now!
Image Black Cloud 5 Buy now!
Image Curse Words 7 Buy now!
Image Descender 23 Buy now!
Image Genius: Cartel 1 Buy now!
Image Horizon 13 Buy now!
Image I Hate Fairyland 15 Buy now!
Image Invincible 139 Buy now!
Image Kill The Minotaur 3 Buy now!
Image Mage: The Hero Denied 1 Buy now!
Image Rat Queens (2017-) 5 Buy now!
Image Regression 4 Buy now!
Image Rockstars 6 Buy now!
Image Southern Bastards 17 Buy now!
Image Spy Seal 1 Buy now!
Image Winnebago Graveyard 3 Buy now!
Kodansha Space Brothers 300 Buy now!
Lion Forge Comics Superb 2
Marvel Deadpool 2099 Buy now!
Marvel Gwenpool, The Unbelievable Vol. 3: Totally In Continuity Buy now!
Marvel Punisher: Suicide Run Buy now!
Marvel All-New Guardians Of The Galaxy (2017-) 8 Buy now!
Marvel Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows (2016-) 10 Buy now!
Marvel Astonishing X-Men (2017-) 2 Buy now!
Marvel Black Panther And The Crew (2017) 5 Buy now!
Marvel Generation X (2017-) 5 Buy now!
Marvel Gwenpool, The Unbelievable (2016-) 19 Buy now!
Marvel Invincible Iron Man (2016-) 10 Buy now!
Marvel Luke Cage (2017-) 4 Buy now!
Marvel Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok Prelude (2017) 4 Buy now!
Marvel Monsters Unleashed (2017-) 5 Buy now!
Marvel Royals (2017-) 6 Buy now!
Marvel Secret Empire: Brave New World (2017) 5 Buy now!
Marvel Silver Surfer (2016-) 13 Buy now!
Marvel Spider-Men II (2017) 2 Buy now!
Marvel Star Wars (2015-) 34 Buy now!
Marvel Star Wars: Poe Dameron (2016-) 18 Buy now!
Marvel The Mighty Thor (2015-) 22 Buy now!
Marvel The Totally Awesome Hulk (2015-) 22 Buy now!
Marvel U.S.Avengers (2017-) 9 Buy now!
Marvel Ultimates 2 (2016-2017) 100 Buy now!
Marvel X-Men: Blue (2017-) 9 Buy now!
Marvel Generations: Wolverine & All-New Wolverine (2017) 1 Buy now!
Oni Press Angel City: Town Without Pity Buy now!
Oni Press Kaijumax: Season Three 2 Buy now!
Oni Press Rick and Morty: Pocket Like You Stole It 2 Buy now!
Red 5 A Fractured Mind 3 Buy now!
Seven Seas Akuma no Riddle: Riddle Story of Devil Vol. 5 Buy now!
Titan Assassin’s Creed: Awakening Vol. 1 Buy now!
Titan Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor: The Sapling Volume 1: Growth Buy now!
Titan The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Vol. 1 Buy now!
Titan Vikings Vol. 2: Uprising Buy now!
Titan Blood Bowl 3 Buy now!
Titan Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor 3.8 Buy now!
Titan Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor 3.8 Buy now!
Titan Hercules: The Wrath of the Heavens 1 Buy now!
Titan Normandy Gold 3 Buy now!
Titan Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 2 Buy now!
TOKYOPOP Disney Stitch! Diary for BFFs! Buy now!
TOKYOPOP Disney Stitch! Izayoi Island! Buy now!
Udon Street Fighter VS Darkstalkers 4 Buy now!
Valiant Divinity 0 Buy now!
Valiant Secret Weapons (2017) 3 Buy now!
Zenescope Grimm Fairy Tales: Tarot 1 Buy now!
Zenescope Grimm Tales of Terror 8 Buy now!
Wednesday: comiXology Submit
Adam Sloat The Lalas 1
American Gothic Press, LLC Broken Moon: Legends of the Deep 6
AW YEAH COMICS! Weirdsville 4
Black Def Curves and Bullets 3
Blurred Lines Comics Street Circus 1
BUBBLE Exlibrium 9
BUBBLE Meteora 9
Cagey Comics Spectress and Sabanion 1
ChapterHouse Comics Die Kitty Die
Cherry Gunzenhauser The Legend of Dollaretta 8
Christien Larsen Microcosmics 1
City Earth® Comics City Earth 1
Comicker Chimera 6
Continuity Entertainment Destiny, NY 1
Crypt Logic Comics Wulf and Batsy: Lustmord Nightmares 4
Digital Ink Comics Thief-Taker 1
Exspastic Comics The Disgruntled Avenger 116
Farrago Comics Shrinkage 1
Farrago Comics Shrinkage 2
Farrago Comics Shrinkage 3
Farrago Comics Shrinkage 4
Fletch Helle Cleave 1
Fracture Comics Hellfire Vol. 1: Genesis (Special Edition)
ghawk comics group The Misadventures of The Bowling Ball 3
Gray Tone Press Jail Bait & Trailer Trash Vol. 1
Grungetown Studios I, Necromancer 2
Insane Comics Demons 5
Insane Comics Hollow Girl 6
Insane Comics Modern Testament 4
Irrational Comics Kitsune: Assassin For Hire 8
jf3co The Robot War Vol. 4: A Sophisticated Adversary
Kel McDonald Sorcery 101 47
Kozak Komiks Second Star Vol. 1: Think Happy Thoughts
Little Robot Design Edengate 1
Lone Star Press PunchLine 1
Mad Doctors! Comics Mad Doctors 2
Mega Giganto Princess Pups: Five Comics Bundle Pack!
Michael Van Cleve Child of the Sun 7
Movierockets Entertainment Witches Trine 4
Nightwalk Comics Quiet 6
NoOne Comics Blood Brothers 1
Owl Eye Comics The Maroon 2
PoPT Comics Pirates of Padre Tiempo 2
PuddleKnob Publishing The Karentha Chronicles 2
Radio Comix Liberty from Hell 1
Ray Hunt Level:1 Vol. 1: cipher
Red Anvil Comics Shadowflame
Retrofit Comics / Big Planet Comics Iceland
Retrofit Comics / Big Planet Comics How To Be Alive
Rod Espinosa Steampunk Snow White Vol. 1
Scapula Comic Scapula and the Sinister Monster Doom Legion
Scattered Comics Shadow Hunters 1
Scattered Comics The Edge 5
Sentry Comics Andromatica 1
Source Point Press The Seance Room 1
SST Publications Edgar Allan Poe’s The Black Cat
Tawa Producciones Ayar The Inka’s Legend 1
Zero Press Campaigners 4
Wednesday: New and Noteworthy
Action Lab Zombie Tramp 38 Buy now!
Black Mask Studios The Dregs Vol. 1 Buy now!
DC Gotham City Garage (2017-) 1 Buy now!
IDW Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures Buy now!
IDW G.I. Joe Vol. 1 Buy now!
IDW Transformers: Till All Are One Vol. 2 Buy now!
Thrillbent Valentine 19
Wednesday: Backlist
Archie Archie 393
Archie Archie 394
Archie Archie 395
Archie Archie 396
Archie Archie 397
Archie Archie 398
Archie Archie 399
Archie Archie 400
Archie Archie 401
Archie Archie 402
Devil’s Due Entertainment The Black Flame: Everyone Knows This Is Nowhere
Fantagraphics All and Sundry: Uncollected Work 2004-2009
Vault Comics Heathen Vol. 1 Buy now!
Vault Comics Alien Bounty Hunter 1
Vault Comics Colossi 4 Buy now!
Vault Comics Heathen 5
Vault Comics Powerless 4 Buy now!
Vault Comics Spiritus 1
Vault Comics Zojaqan 1
Zenescope Oz Vol. 1
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