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Studio Trigger Reveals Three New Anime Projects

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TRiggerStudio Trigger has revealed that they have three new projects that are in various stages of production as they’re teaming up with different companies to get them produced. Details will be forthcoming at different times as they move forward but the three original series are:

Darling in the Frankxx: The show will be an original sci-fi series with co-production by A-1 Pictures.

Gridman: An original mecha series in collaboration with Tsuburaya Productions. The series will be directed by Akira Amemiya.

Promare: An original project with co-production by XFLAG. The project will be led by director Hiroyuki Imaishi and writer Kazuki Nakashima and according to them, this anime project has been in production for four years.

[Source: MAL]

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