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My Hero Academia Episode #26 Anime Review

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My Hero Academia Episode 26What They Say:
In the future, mankind is blessed with superhuman abilities called Quirks and in a response to the growing crime rate, superheroing becomes a viable profession. Izuku “Deku” Midoriya dreams of one day becoming a great hero like his idol All-Might, but he was born completely quirkless with no powers at all. However, when Deku ends up having a chance encounter with All-Might in the flesh, it changes his destiny forever.

The Review:
Content (warning as portions of this review may contain spoilers):
Now that the Sports Festival is behind us, it’s finally time to dive into the next big story arc. Firstly though, the show still has a little more set up to do, and most of this week’s events are mainly just here for that purpose (which makes the fact that the show will be on a two-week hiatus after this a lot harder to deal with). Unsurprisingly that means this one is on the slower side of things, but it’s still pretty entertaining, and works well enough in that respect to make for a pretty decent episode.

The name of the game this week is well…names, as the kids finally get the opportunity to pick out their superhero identities. This goes about as well as you’d expect and the names they come up with vary from Tsuyu going with “Froppy” to match the whole frog motif to Todoroki just deciding to go with his first name, “Shoto” because he’s not really energetic enough to come up with something more clever. My personal favorite of the bunch though would be Bakugo deciding to go with “King Explosion Murder” only for it to be rejected for being too over the top and violent, as it’s always refreshing to be reminded that Bakugo can only be taken but so seriously at times.

Of course while this sequence mostly serves for a few laughs it’s not exactly fun and games for Iida and Deku. Iida in particular is still torn up over his brother’s injuries, and to make matter’s worse his brother asks him to take up mantle of his hero name “Ingenuim” since he might never be able to walk again. It’s all a bit too much for Iida to take and in the meantime he decides to just stick with using his first name like Shoto did. Deku is also pretty worried about the idea of taking on a mantle he’s not quite ready for as while he’s dreamed of inheriting All-Might’s name ever since he was little, he also knows that he hasn’t mastered One-For-All enough to even pay homage to that title. Instead he decides to go with his nickname, Deku, and while he was always told as a kid by Bakugo that it symbolized how useless he was, Ochako showed him that it could also represent his desire to never get up, and that change in attitude is part of what’s helped him to get that far. The whole double-meaning thing comes off as a little convoluted in English since the name “Deku” can apparently mean both things in Japanese, but it’s a nice moment all the same, and it really shows just how much Deku’s perspective has changed in the months since he met All-Might.

From there the kids move on to getting ready for their internships, as each of the kids gets the opportunity to work alongside a professional hero agency. Deku’s internship offer comes from a former hero known as Gran Torino who used to be one of All-Might’s instructors, and knows the details about One-For-All, making it a good opportunity for Deku to improve his control over it. Iida on the other hand gets several offers but decides to take the one closest to where his brother was attacked as he clearly has his sights set on revenge against the Hero Killer. None of this is super exciting, but it definitely gives the distinct impression that things are about to take a pretty heavy turn, and while we’re unfortunately going to have to wait a little bit longer than usual to see where that leads, this episode at least does a decent enough job of setting up the mood.

In Summary:
MHA slows down a bit this week as the show prepares to transition into it’s next story arc. In the meantime this episode manages to throw a few good laughs our way with the kids coming up with their own codenames, and it’s clear that Deku and Iida’s upcoming hero internships are going to end up having a pretty major effect on the both of them. It sucks that’s going to take a couple of weeks to see how the latter turns out, but with all the build up the show has done with it over the last couple of episodes, it’ll hopefully be worth the wait.

Grade: B

Streamed By: Funimation, Crunchyroll, VRV

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