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Fifth ‘Yamishibai’ Season Set For Summer 2017 Anime Lineup

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Yamishibai Season 4 HeaderWith the first four seasons having been simulcast it won’t be a surprise if we see news soon that the newly announced fifth season of Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories ends up getting the same treatment. The new season has been announced on the official Japanese set with it set to premiere on this July on TV Tokyo with a firm date to come up soon. This season is looking to work more of a “girls’ style horror” with a lot of scripts from female writers and numerous actresses on board.

Check out review of the first two seasons as released by Sentai Filmworks.

Plot Concept: Ghosts. Curses. Demons. If you crave tales of terror and seek mysteries that defy explanation, go to the park at 5. That’s when the man in the yellow mask will arrive with his kamishibai, the paper theater, to tell his sinister stories of Japan’s darkest side. But be warned: this storyteller’s works may do more than simply send shivers down your spine. Because the more fascinated you become with the supernatural, the more the supernatural may become fascinated with you. Enter a world where the closest of friends can become the deadliest of enemies, where the most mundane of objects can become hair-raising nightmares, and not even one’s own family can be trusted to remain human. Dare to pierce the veil of darkness and a realm of ultimate horror awaits as you discover YAMISHIBAI – JAPANESE GHOST STORIES!

[Source: MAL]

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