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‘Sound! Euphonium’ Anime Recap Film Lead Into Two New Films

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Sound Euphonium Movie 2The second season of Sound! Euphonium from Kyoto Animation is getting a movie recap version that we learned about back in March that has plans for a fall release. That feature, Todoketai Meloday, now has its first promotional video below with a September 30th, 2017 debut set for it. The other video that we got has revealed that there will be two new original features coming out in 2018 with deates to be announced. These will be called Mizore to Nozomi no Monogatari and 2-nensei ni Natta Kumiko-tachi. They’ll be directed by Naoko Yamada and Tatsuya Ishihara respectively. Taichi Ogawa is handling the recap film direction.

The production has set Naoka Yamada as series director and Tatsuya Ishihara as the main director, Jukki Hanada is handling the scripts and overall series composition with character designs by Shoko Ikeda and animated by Kyoto Animation.

The Japanese cast includes Ayaka Asai as Hazuki Katō, Chika Anzai as Reina Kōsaka, Moe Toyota as Sapphire Kawashima, Tomoyo Kurosawa as Kumiko Ōmae, Aya Hisakawa as Michie Matsumoto, Haruki Ishiya as Shūichi Tsukamoto, Kenjiro Tsuda as Takuya Gotō, Konomi Fujimura as Natsuki Nakagawa, Manami Numakura as Mamiko Ōmae, Minako Kotobuki as Asuka Tanaka, Minori Chihara as Kaori Nakaseko, Miyuki Kobori as Riko Nagase, Saori Hayami as Haruka Ogasawara, Takahiro Sakurai as Noboru Taki, Yōko Hikasa as Aoi Saitō, Yuri Yamaoka as Yuko Yoshikawa, Atsumi Tanezaki as Mizore Yoroizuka and Nao Toyama as Nozomi Kasaki.

The property released a new OVA with the seventh volume of the manga that came out on December 16th, 2015.

Plot concept: It’s finally time for Kumiko Oumae to enter high-school and begin the next chapter of her life. Being a member of concert band all throughout the lower-grades, one of her first orders of business is scouting out the band at her new school to see how they compare to what she has grown up with. After actually hearing them, however, Kumiko is…surprised to say the least. The concert band of Kitauji High School is terrible, especially compared to the borderline-national’s band Oumae was in earlier. Students in the band have gotten lazy and fallen into a slump in which none of them particularly care about the band’s future. But all of that changes when they meet their new teacher, professional composer Noboru Taki.