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‘Highschool DxD BorN’ Anime Begins Crunchyroll Distribution

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high-school-dxd-born-header-10-1Binge time is upon anime fans once again as another Funimation series has now landed on Crunchyroll with High School DxD BorN. This comes after the first two seasons have arrived there and that means quite a few hours that you can burn through with a lot of sexytime fun – and plot as well! The full twelve episode season that originally aired in 2015 is now available in its Japanese language form with English subtitles on the service.

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The series was directed by Tatsuya Yanagisawa, who directed the previous season, based on the series composition by Takao Yoshioka and character designs by Junji Goto.

The English cast includes Josh Grelle as Issei, Jamie Marchi as Rias, Kelly Angel as Akeno, Sean O’Connor as Kiba, Jād Saxton as Koneko, Chloe Daniels as Asia, Felecia Angelle as Yuma Amano (one time flashback), Tyson Rinehart as Matsuda and Ruben Tadeo Garcia as Motohama.

The light novel series began in 2008 and has twenty-three volumes to its name so far. A manga adaptation kicked off in 2010 with the main run of it having ten volumes, but there are a few spinoffs as well. Yen Press has picked up the main manga as well as the first spinoff from 2012. A 3DS visual novel game was released at the end of 2013 in Japan as well.

Plot concept: Issei and his harem of hotties are back to take on their biggest, boldest, bounciest adventure yet as they fight to prevent Ragnarok (aka the end of the underworld)! With summer vacation just around the corner, Issei’s got one thing on his mind spending sunny days with bikini-clad babes. Unfortunately, the Chaos Brigade is planning something big, and with heavy-hitters like the Norse God Loki in their corner, the House of Gremory is going to have to survive Rias’ underworld boot camp if they hope to stand a chance. While they prepare, dark forces gather strength behind the scenes, Koneko’s family reunion turns into a real catfight, and Asia must survive an indecent proposal from a high-ranking demon. With plenty of balls-to-the-wall battles and bare-it-all beauties, fans of High School DxD should start making room on the shelf their perfect pair is about to become a menage a trois.

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