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Full ‘School-Live!’ Anime Dub Cast Announcements Surface

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School-Live CE FullSentai Filmworks is bringing out the home video releases for School-Live! on June 27th, 2017 and they’ve now gone all in with the cast for it. Shannon Reed is directing it with the scripts coming from Katelyn Barr and David Wald. The show is coming out as a DVD release priced at $59.98, a Blu-ray release at $69.98, and a DVD/BD Combo Collector’s Edition at $129.98 with all the shiny goodness that you can see to the right.

While we had the three main actresses revealed initially with videos, the rest of the cast has been confirmed with:

  • Cynthia Martinez as Miki Naoki
  • Stephanie Wittels as Megumi
  • Natalie Rial as Takae
  • Johnny De La Cerda as Ishizuka
  • Cara Duncan as Shoujouji
  • Shannon Reed as Sera
  • Shanae’a Moore as Kei
  • David Wald as News Reporter
  • Tiffany Grant as Taromaru, Kamiyama, and Old Lady
  • Katelyn Barr as Teacher, Saleslady, Announcer, and Alarm Clock

The previously reveals include Brittney Karbowski as Yuki Takeya, Luci Christian as Yuri Wakasa, and Juliet Simmons as Kurumi Ebisuzawa

The series is based on the manga from writer Norimitsu Kaihou and artist Sadoru Chiba and has eight volumes so far with it being licensed in North America by Yen Press. Kaohou has worked on the screenplay for some anime works before with Guilty Crown: Lost Christmas and doing the series composition for Neppuu Kairiku Bushi Road while also handling the story for one of the Gargantia manga releases and a few others. Sadoru has had a few projects over the years as well, with Heian Zankoku Monogatari, Nobara Sex and The [email protected]: Cinderella Girls – Ensemble!.

The Japanese cast for the series includes Ai Kayano as Sakura Megumi, Inori Minase as Yuki Takeya, Ari Ozawa as Kurumi Ebisuzawa, M.A.O as Yūri Wakasa, Rie Takahashi as Miki Naoki, Juri Kimura as Kei Shidou and Emiri Kato as Taromaru.

Plot concept: Why would anyone form a School Living Club? Could four girls, their advisor, and a puppy really love their school so much that they’d want to live in it? Or is there another reason, something that lurks behind the façade of their comfortable existence? Something that waits outside their school’s doors. Something that has already robbed one girl of her sanity? While the others try to come to grips with a dark new reality, the rest of the world falls to ruin at the hands of a ravenous force, and insanity may be the last hope for survival. Shocks, heartbreak and stunning revelations await as the twisted tale unfolds in SCHOOL-LIVE!

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