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Manga Entertainment Options ‘Wayward’

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Wayward Issue 1Manga Entertainment has dipped their hands in the adaptation pool before with various titles over the years and they’re looking to do that again as they’ve optioned the Image Comics series Wayward. Created by Jim Zub and Steve Cummings, the project has been optioned with potential as either an animated series out of Japan or a live-action series where the creators will serve as creative consultants on it. Cummings, it should be noted, resides in Japan.

Jerome Mazandarani, COO of Manga Entertainment, said, “We are very excited to be working with Jim and Steven to bring the characters and world of Wayward to life for the screen. Jim and Steven have managed to create a truly unique high stakes action-drama that feels fresh and authentic in its mixture of Japanese and Celtic mythology. We are very confident this story will connect with audiences across Asia and the rest of the world.”

Zub said, “As soon as Jerome and I started talking about a collaboration, I had a good feeling Manga Entertainment would be the right place to develop Wayward. The crew at Manga intimately understand the anime market and have helped popularize some of the biggest brands in that space. As Japanese art and animation continues to go global, co-producing Wayward at a Japanese studio with Manga taking the lead is a natural choice.”

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Plot concept: WAYWARD is an action-drama set in modern Tokyo where Yokai, Japanese creatures and spirits of legend, battle against teenagers imbued with newfound supernatural power. T