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Re:Creators Episode #06 Anime Review

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Re-Creators-Episode-6It wouldn’t be an accurate representation of what anime has to offer without one of these.

What They Say:
Meteora senses that a new Creation has appeared in the world, but arrives at the scene only to find the aftermath of a massacre. Meawhile, Mamika and Alicetaria run into Magane Chikujoin from “Yaso Kiroku” while searching for Creations to join their cause. Mamika asks her to join them, but Alicetaria notices the scent of blood. Selesia arrives in search of Magane, and a fierce battle ensues.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Who created the Military Uniform Princess? Sota seems to know! But that’s clearly too important to follow up on immediately, so of course he hides the fact that he has any hints and that issue is swept aside for the rest of the episode. Instead, the Military Uniform Princess makes no appearances but her influence is very strongly felt, as her followers make their move. Surely every character has seen the OP by this point and knows that there has to be one more Creation lurking around. And as a shopkeeper’s blood splatters all over his bookstore in a way that doesn’t fit within the mechanics of this world, this new character clearly doesn’t care about not being found. In fact, Magane doesn’t seem to care about anything; she’s the kind of psychopath who just goes around brutally slaughtering whomever she wants for light sport. Despite coming from an alternate version of Japan and proclaiming herself to be a normal schoolgirl, her design comes across as less human than any of the other Creations. It’s interesting to think of what she’s supposed to look like in the 3D world that these characters are ending up in, but such thoughts won’t get you very far. What matters is that she brings a new level of chaos nobody is ready for.

The pair of followers of the Military Uniform Princess who have been hanging out lately have opposite ideals for their prospective new ally, but can still respect each other and ultimately appear to be generally good people. One is dangerously naïve and the other preaches justice as the one true law as it fits her specific situation best, creating a highly flawed system of ethics. But when they come face to face with the monster in schoolgirl’s skin that is Magane, they instantly recognize what real evil is and prove that they certainly aren’t villains, despite definitely being antagonists at this point. It’s tough to fully get behind Selesia and Meteora stopping them from at least attempting to take down Magane, but it’s necessary for the greater good. Ironically, the chaotic Magane is able to step out of the madness while nearly every other Creation engages in a battle more chaotic than any we’ve seen before, although her inclusion would add yet another level to that as she doesn’t fit onto the side of anyone else at this point. Mamika is the innocent magical girl as much as ever, and this situation looks to shake up the current standings of protagonists and antagonists even more than the addition of a new villain not on either side.

The battle of philosophies between Alicetaria and Magane brings to mind another scene directed by Aoki, with Alicetaria’s role appropriately filled by her closest comparison in real anime properties, Saber in Fate/Zero. Such comparisons only invite negative thoughts, though, as the writing here is on a much lower level and doesn’t live up to any of the potential of that topic.

In Summary:
A much more eventful episode arrives this week, although that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily better. Some slick action and great music make it a generally entertaining watch, but some of the writing lacks the nuance that could make it more effective. Granted, in dealing with such ridiculous anime stereotypes, it’s appropriate, but it could still sneak in a little bit more subtlety.

Grade: B-

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