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Questioning Fandom: What manga series would make for a great anime adaptation?

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QuestionThe world of anime certainly has its original properties but a good and significant chunk of it comes from manga. There’s always that belief from many series biggest fans that an anime adaptation of their favorite book would launch it into whole new levels of popularity. Others just want it to be discovered by more people so that it can keep going on. So, we posed the question to our reviewers about what manga series that they enjoy that they’d love to see get an anime adaptation?

At this point, I just want a lot more of the classy kind of hentai we get to make the upgrade to anime! But, nobody asked me…

Gregory Smith Ekiben Hitoritabi
Ekiben Hitoritabi
This is tough. I loved Ekiben Hitoritabi and felt a strong sense of loss when JManga folded and prevented me from reading the rest of the series. For those not familiar with the story, a bento maker’s wife wants to give him a gift as a reward for working hard through their first ten years of marriage. She gives him a tour around Japan so that he can ride on the unique trains and routes while sampling the regional specialty bentos. The manga depended on both character interactions and strong sense of place. An anime with the right director could really bring the series to life with awesome food porn and a sense of being propelled through sweeping vistas of Japan.

Lauren Gallo The Cherry Project
The Cherry Project
I’ve always wanted to see Codename: Sailor V adapted into an anime. Maybe Toei will come around to it when Sailor Moon Crystal is over? It’s the prequel series to the legend, and a nice little manga series in its own right. Other than that, with ice skating being so big right now maybe Naoko Takeuchi’s earlier work, The Cherry Project. It’s got drama! Romance! Rivalry! ALL THE SKATING!

AJ Adejare My Wife is Wagatsuma-san
My Wife is Wagatsuma-san
My Wife is Wagatsuma-san would have been interesting. Take a kid that flings himself into the future because of present actions, with a lot of rom-com and it could have done a good 12-24 episode series. It’s not the best, which makes it easy for people to adapt, and the concept is easy to delve into.

G.B. Smith Yotsuba!&
Yotsuba Volume 13 Header
It’s not going to happen, but I think Yotsuba!& would make a wonderful anime

Gabe Peralta Pokemon Adventures
Pokemon Adventures
My cheat answer: give Eyeshield 21 a second shot at a proper anime adaptation. Considering sports anime and Murata’s art are currently the it thing, I’d love to see Sena’s speed given the full-on sakuga treatment.

Actual answer: probably Pokemon Adventures. I’m not caught up with the series at all, but what I have read so far adapts the games so perfectly all while filling in any gaps (character motivations/personalities). I get that the Pokemon anime has been banking on its formulaicness, but I would love to see how it handles an overarching dramatic story like its distant manga cousin.

Katherine Parker Cain Saga
The Cain Saga and God Child (which are connected) by Kaori Yuki. It’s one of my longtime favorite mangas, has a bit of an Angel Sanctuary feel to it, and would make a really great dark anime with some very lovely bishounen

Karyna Kouruklis 20th-century-boys-volume-12-header
Gangsta, can we get t story in 12 episodes. Billy Bat would also be great. Can you tell I love Naoki Urasawa? Aside from those two, I think a do-over? Seriously, I would love an anime adaptation of 20th Century Boys, but you can’t cram the Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service has the potential to turn into a popular anime as well as I am a Hero.

Kate O’Neil Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer
Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer Volume 1
Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer is the great series which got away. Legend tells the author wanted the Pillows to do the music but alas…

Ink Chihayafuru
Chihayafuru Volume 1 Header
The remainder of Chihayafuru would make for EXCELLENT anime. How am I so sure? Because the first volumes sure did!

Cain Walter My Brother’s Husband
My Brother’s Husband
Now is a great time for an anime adaptation of Gengoroh Tagame’s My Brother’s Husband. With the overwhelming success of YoI, this manga would take another step towards bringing respectable stories and characters surround the LGBT community, albeit on a much more sombre and introspective note compared to YoI’s high energy and upbeat tones. Also, Anderson Cooper, the most handsome elf in all of Middle Earth, gave it a glowing review, which is more than enough for this guy to check it out as well.

Melina Dargis The Case Study of Vanitas
Case Study of Vanitas Header
I absolutely want The Case Study of Vanitas! The manga is so stunning, that I can only imagine what the anime adaptation would be like. I have to second Cain’s suggestion of My Brother’s Husband and the need for more LGBT stories.

Jarius Taylor Pluto
My default answer for this is pretty much always Naoki Urasawa’s Pluto because that manga is a complete masterpiece and a high quality adaption would easily place it among the best anime ever made, but since that currently has no basis in reality, I’ll go with The Promised Neverland. While being a Shonen Jump series pretty much means it’s destined for one anyway so long as it doesn’t get cancelled, I’m still really eager to see this one get made. It’s a solid thriller series and one that’s actually managed to avoid just about all of the pitfalls that usually harm the long-term quality of stuff from this genre and the character dynamics presented so far are really great and I’m already attached to just about all of the major characters despite it still being pretty early in it’s run. Done right, I could easily see an anime adaption serving as Jump’s answer to Attack on Titan as it paints a similarly grim atmosphere, but I guess time will tell on that one.

Luis Cruz A Bride’s Tale
A Bride’s Tale by Kaoru Mori… Another lush period piece in an exotic local would make for a good alternative from the bulk of what is on these days.
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