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Bandai Visual Adds ‘ID-0’ Digest Anime Trailer

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ID-0Bandai Visual is looking to try and draw a few more viewers into their spring 2017 anime series ID-0. They’ve cut a pretty fun five-minute digest video that shows off various events from the first four episodes of the series with the opening theme song in full playing while noting that it’s not too late to get into the series.

The series was directed by Goro Taniguchi based on the screenplay by Yosuke Kuroda. Kanetake Ebikawa served as the mechanic character designer while the original concept of animation characters was done by Range Murata, whose works were brought to life in the animation by Hiromi Kato. Overall mechanic designers include Fumihiro Katagai, Takashi Takakura and Takayuki Yanase with SANZIGEN producing the animation

The Japanese cast include sKazuyuki Okitsu as ID, Minami Tsuda as Mikuri Maya, Masaya Matsukaze as Rick Ayer, Sayaka Ohara as Karla Milla-Foden, Rikiya Koyama as Grayman, Hisako Kanemoto as Clair Houjou, Ari Ozawa as Fa-Loser, Junko Minagawa as Amanza Volchkova and Reina Ueda as Mysterious Girl.

Sayaka Sasaki will perform the opening theme “ID-0″ while Hironobu Kageyama will perform the ending theme “Stellar Compass” for the series.

Plot concept: “I-Machines” are the general term for robots that operate in extreme environments. While Alliance Academy student Mikuri Maya is in the middle of operating an I-Machine, she gets involved in an incident with pirates, and ends up serving as a crew member on an excavation company’s spaceship.

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