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Fifth ‘Hinako Note’ Anime Episode Previews Arrive

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Love Tyrant Episode 5AThe spring anime adaptation of Hinako Note is underway and the folks at Kadokawa are doing some promotion for the series. Kadokawa now has a look at the fifth episode preview ahead of its May 5h, 2017 debut. The project has set Takeo Takahashi as the chief director working with Toru Kitahata as the hands-on director. They’re working off of Tatsuhiko Urahata’s scripts and character designs by Kazuyuki Ueda, who is also serving as the chief animation director. The series is being produced by studio Passione.

The Japanese cast includes M.A.O as Hinako Sakuragi, Miyu Tomita as Kuina Natsukawa, Yui Ogura as Mayuki Hiiragi, Hisako Tojo as Chiaki Ogino, Marika Kouno as Yuna Nakajima, and Yuri Yoshida as Ruriko Kuroyanagi.

The series comes from creator Mitsuki as part of the Comic Cune magazine where the four-panel slice of life series began back in August 2014 and looks to be doing yearly collected releases.

The opening theme is “A E I U E O Ao!!” by Gekidan Hitotose while the ending theme is “Ka-tenko-ru!!!!!” also by Gekidan Hitotose.

Plot concept: Hinako is a shy little girl whom animals are instinctively drawn to. Because of this, Hinako works as a scarecrow to keep said animals away from the crops in her neighbor’s fields. Thus the tale of the scarecrow girl begins!

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