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Questioning Fandom: Netflix Anime & Chill?

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QuestionOne of the real pleasures of this site is that I get to interact with a really great team of writers and creative types. With the staff channel that we get together regularly and talk in about various things, there’s always a lot of laughter, ribbing, and figuring out who deserves to get the next worst show added to their to-review queue. But we also get to talk about a lot of things that we like that aren’t easy to do on Twitter or even the forums to some extent. So, we’re reviving the Questioning Fandom column and putting the questions to our staff on a weekly basis in a kind of Q&A piece to see what it is they think on a range of topics. You can get to know reviewers pretty well with some of their reviews as some really get into what makes a show tick for them, but there’s so much more to them than that. And perhaps these articles will provide some new avenues for viewers to explore!

With our first piece, we’re kicking it off with a dated question already just because we can as we ask them, what anime shows do you netflix and chill with? Keep in mind, we’ve got a couple of old fogies here and had to explain what that meant – and they still just went with the original meaning of chill!

Katherine Parker The Devil is a Part-Timer!
My husband has been pretty into watching anime on Netflix lately. We only get a few episodes here or there, and usually while I’m working– but I’d love to go back through The Devil is a Part-Timer. It’s funny, relaxed, and I won’t mind if I miss parts of it if we get… *ahem*… distracted. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex is always an option, too. We’ve seen it so many many times that if we miss something, we know what it is, we always learn something new when we rewatch it (even 10 years later), and there’s enough sexy characters that it easily swings from binge-watching to quality private time. – Katherine J. Parker

Full Metal Panic FUMOFFU
Great comedy that needs very little introduction. Good characters, laughter, and at the end of the day has heart. Can’t really go wrong with comedy action and chillin’.

Gabe Peralta Monogatari
Depends on how far into the “chilling,” but I guess I’d say any of the Monogatari series regardless. I like having something to read to fill in any awkward moments.

Karyna Kouruklis Hunter x Hunter
I never chill, ever! Just kidding. I guess it would be HunterxHunter. It’s an amazing anime, super fun, very original for a shounen and quite emotional too. I though about Mushishi but since it doesn’t really have a story maybe it would be too slow for some people and it’s harder to marathon this type of thing.

Cain Walter Silver Spoon
Easy choice. Silver Spoon. Everyone knows that the quickest way to anyone’s pants is their stomach, and Silver Spoon should be on RedTube for how great the food looks. If you can time a delivery from the local pizza place with the pizza episode, Hachiken won’t be the only one making bacon that night, if you know what I mean. #Flavortown

G.B. Smith Little Witch Academia
If I had Netflix, it would be Little Witch Academia. I loved the two OVA episodes so I expect more cute and funny. Perfect for chilling

Ink Mushi-shi
Mushi-shi is the ultimate Netflix-and-chill selection. Due to its episodic nature, it’s super easy to just drop in on any random episode, and each episode is constructed such that it makes the viewer sink into that particular story/microcosm with relative ease. Those are the plusses. The drawbacks is that you and whoever you choose to watch this series with will be left shellshocked for the rest of the day due to the potency of just about any given episode

Melina Dargis Boys-love
My hubby and I are such nerds, we get too focused on the show to do much “chilling”. However, that being said, personally, I love a good BL! It may not be on Netflix, but the recent sprinkling of BL animes make me quite happy.

Jarius Taylor Prison School
Decisions, decisions. There are so many possible options with anime that I could be here all day with listing them, but the number one option is obviously Prison School. The mere process of watching just about any scene in the show will make you and your significant other feel dirty afterward and certainly ready to get “liberated”

Lauren Gallo Princess Jellyfish
The dubious meaning of “chill” aside, my boyfriend and I really love Princess Jellyfish. It’s just that right intersection of slice of life, romance, comedy, and drama for both of us. If one were to go with the innuendo of chill, maybe one of the Slayers movies with Naga in it. If you have to ask why, google her.

Josh Begley Cowboy Bebop
I’m probably showing my age here, but Cowboy Bebop is always my go-to. The storytelling, the animation style, the music, it’s just such a well put together and enjoyable show. If I had to choose something more modern, I would choose a good sports anime like Haikyu!!! It’s incredibly easy to get into the story and root for the characters.

Luis Cruz Inu-Yasha
I’ll go with Inu Yasha; you can chill through entire seasons and not miss a damn thing.
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