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Suicide Squad #14 Review

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Suicide Squad Issue 14 CoverDeadshot’s betrayal continues and the Squad is in an odd position.

Creative Staff:
Writer: Rob Williams
Art: John Romita Jr., Richard Friend
Color: Dean White
Letterer: Pat Brosseau

What They Say:
“BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE” part four! Consumed by rage following the brutal murder of one of her Suicide Squad comrades, Harley Quinn goes AWOL on a one-(psychotic-)woman mission of vengeance against Rustam and his unstoppable new ally, the most dangerous foe Harley has ever faced: Deadshot.

Content:(Warning, content sections may contain spoilers)
Deadshot has betrayed the Suicide Squad and decided to aid Rustam in making  better world!  After confirming that he killed Amanda Waller, Deadshot went off with Rustam, and Harley has taken it upon herself to stop him.  We begin as Deadshot and Rustam’s Burning World group burn yet another place and head out.  Harley discovers that Hack has been killed by an unknown assailant, and even though the brain bombs have been shut off, she tries to rally the other members of the Suicide Squad to fight back.  Harley confronts Deadshot, Rustam, and the Burning World alone seemingly, and enters a short conflict with Deadshot before Deadshot seemingly ends their relationship permanently.  

The next part of the story shows the other squad members (aside from Flagg and Katana, who were captured by Rustam), and where they were.  Captain Boomerang starts out drunk in a bar, but we learn quickly that Boomerang was responsible for what happened to Hack.  Harcourt seems to be in on it to, meaning ssomething else is happening here.  Boomerang is then in a confrontation with Killer Croc, but that leads to Croc, Boomerng, and Enchantress attacking a very surprised Rustam in Kahndaq.  Here, we get the story’s biggest piece- Amanda Waller…LIVES?

In Summary:
Now just what’s going on here?  Waller was killed at the beginning of this arc, but now she’s here again?  On top of that, Harcourt and Boomerang seem to be working for something else in secret.  There must have been something big offered for Boomerang to throw away his chance to start over.  Rustam and the Burning world continue to sow their brand of “freedom” and there are a lot of characters to consider here.  By far the biggest character in this issue was Harley Quinn, however.  In terms of character development, action sequences, and emotion, Harley is by far the star of this issue.  

All she wants is to understand why Deadshot betrayed them and try and bring some sense of normalcy back to the Suicide Squad.  Her reaction when attempting to reason with Deadshot, and especially when she discovers what happened to Hack bring the chracer major depth, and the comic benefits from it.  The dialoge is great and totally fitting for the characters, and the art is still really great.  The tone is both grim nd determined.  If you care about ny member of the Squad or are in the middle of reading this book series, get this issue as soon as you can, you will not be disappointed!

Grade: A

Released By: DC Comics
Release Date: March 22, 2017
MSRP: $2.99

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