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DC Comics Bombshells #83 Review

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DC Comics Bombshells Issue 83 HeaderThe inspirations to do better.

Creative Staff:
Story: Marguerite Bennett
Art: Richard Ortiz
Colors: J. Nanjan
Letterer: Wes Abbott

What They Say:
Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Raven, Lois Lane, and the Reaper, along with their newly adopted circus, enter Leningrad and are shocked to see the famine and destruction of the city is even more horrifying than the headlines they read in the newspapers.

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
The Bombshells series has a lot of material it can dig into with this time period and cast of characters and while some areas feel like we’re moving fast, others allow things to slow down a bit and be explored. This issue is an intriguing one as it does something new that works out as Marguerite Bennett is writing this along with the new Batwoman series. It also allows artist Richard Ortiz, who has come in from time to time on this series, to provide a different view from the get go that will be interesting to see play out. As I just started new new mainline Batwoman book I’m definitely interested in seeing what this is going to be about.

The new element comes in the form of Dr. October, who asks to be called Viktoria. The character is set to appear in the new Batwoman series as a transgender character after making a brief apperance in Detective Comics #948, but is making an appearance here as well it seems, though the similarities are obviously hard to say at the moment. October makes her debut just after the group makes their way into Leningrad thanks to Raven’s powers and are looking to setup shop there so they can try to help with what’s going on with the siege as the news has certainly spread around the world. While most everyone goes off to do this, Pamela seeks out some answers as to what’s really going on in the city and gets a tour when October comes across her, able to see her through the glamour that Raven put on all of them. It’s hard to tell if she’s friend or foe at this point and is more just someone that is walking through it all as well.

And it’s certainly tragic as the truth about Leningrad and the millions that have died there hasn’t made its way out, something that shakes Pamela to her core. She had hoped to come here to do something similar to what Miri did for so many in the ghetto, to use her powers to truly help, but she’s overwhelmed. I love seeing that she wants to do the right thing in this way and that the tragedy that she sees really makes a big impact on her. There’s a great sense of emptiness to the city and what the remaining people have gone through and I trust that Bennett will explore this some more considering the strong work during the ghetto arc. Pamela’s going to end up pushing herself to her limits to try and help here, that’s clear, and I’m curious as to what October will bring to the table as well.

In Summary:
Bombshells has a quiet installment here but an important one as we get the sizable (and odd) group in Leningrad in order to try and help. Their discovery of the truth is shown through Pamela and it definitely works as she’s going through some real emotions and growth after recent events and the help they got in Atlantis. Bennett’s introduction of Dr. October here is interesting and has me looking forward to the character’s debut in Batwoman as well and to see the differences and similarities. Ortiz does a great job in handling the location pieces and the emptiness of it, particularly with Nanjan’s color work with the time of night that it takes place in. It’s properly desolate and has that stillness that really sells it in the way it needs to be.

Grade: B+

Age Rating: 13+
Released By: DC Comics via ComiXology
Release Date: February 17th, 2017
MSRP: $0.99