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Sentai Filmworks Teases The ‘Big O’ Anime Release

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Big OSentai Filmworks picked up a slew of series back in August 2013 that were once part of the Bandai Entertainment catalog and came from Sunrise. It’s been quiet since and even people asking about the titles have drifted off from it as we’ve closing in on four years since that had happened. The general assumption is that Sunrise and Bandai Visual wanted to focus on other works, notably Gundam, but we’ve seen movement in other areas recently through other distributors.

So now it looks like Sentai Filmworks is getting close to getting in on the action as they’ve added a “big o” piece to their Facebook page, which is basically a fun way of saying news is coming soon for Big O, one of the more popular properties that gained a lot of attention during its broadcast on Cartoon Network years ago and even generated a second season because of how well it performed for them.

So now we anxiously await word to see what can be done with this title that comes from a difficult animation period with what can be produced.

Plot Concept: Paradigm City. A City of Amnesia. Forty years ago everyone lost their memory, but humanity continues to survive. They’ve learned to operate machinery, produce electricity, and go on living each day at a time. Still ther’s something missing in a town with no past, no history of what has come before. Roger Smith is a Negotiator, hired to negotiate disputes between parties. And Roger enjoys a reputation of being the best at his job. But he has an ace up his sleeve, a rather big ace! He contrls the Megadeus called the Big O, a wondrous piece of technology from befeore the age of Amnesia. Occasionally, fragments of memories appear, and with them often comes trouble. The Big O comes in handy for subduing such dangers, but does it serve some greater purpose? Together with the unusual R. Dorothy Wayneright and his loyal butler Norman, Roger Smith keeps Paradigm City safe from the nightmare of memories. Genre: Action/Mecha/Sci-Fi.

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