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New Manga This Week

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Magi Volume 22 CoverThe manga side of what’s new this week is a pretty good one if a bit smaller than some other weeks. What we get are some very  fun ongoings titles as there are no series starts today. That has Kodansha Comics rolling out the latest Arslan and Nekogahara installments while Vertical delivers some fun with Happiness and To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts. Viz Media keeps things moving as well with more Magi and Hayate the  Combat Butler among other releases.

  1. Heroic Legend of Arslan Vol.6
  2. Happiness Vol.3
  3. Hayate The Combat Butler Vol.29
  4. Igai: The Play Dead/Alive Vol.4
  5. To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts Vol.4
  6. Kuma Miko Vol.3
  7. Magi Vol.22
  8. Monster Hunter Vol.6
  9. Nekogahara Vol.2
  10. Re:Monster Vol.2
  11. Ten Count Vol.3
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